DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

Jessica Pett

Whether you’re on a budget or just creative, DIY holiday gifts are great! Here are four stylish, fun and creative gifts—made by yours truly—using items found around my house or at the Dollar Store.

Personalized pillows. All you need is an old pillow and some fabric paint. I made my own pillowcases using tweed and fabric glue. Alternatively, buy a plain pillow and follow my lead. Using a stencil I found online, I cut out the letters and image. Then, I dabbed paint onto the pillow and let dry for another hour. Once dry, I had a festive and stylish decorative pillow, perfect to give!IMG_2620

Decorative candles. This one is for the procrastinating DIY-er. Yeah, we’ve all done it, but your holiday party is in 25 minutes, so hop to it! Grab a wider candle, some ribbon (I used tweed) and whatever else you would like to add to your candle. Wrap the ribbon around the candle, tie a nice bow and you’re set: an acceptably beautiful gift for that last minute party.IMG_2595

Marker Mugs. Grab some Sharpies and a ceramic dollar store coffee mug, and let your ceramic imagination run wild. Once you’re done, let your creation sit for a couple days, and then bake in the oven at 350 degrees for one hour. Throw a bag of their favourite coffee inside and you’ve got a great homemade gift for the coffee lover in your life. Your boo will love it, and love you forever. IMG_2590

The snow globe. All you need is a mason jar (or some type of sealable glass container), some distilled water, a capful of glycerin, some sparkles to resemble snow and whatever else you want inside. Hot glue your figurines or chosen focal point to the lid of the container, then add the water, glycerin and sparkles to the jar. Screw on the lid, flip it over and watch your masterpiece unfold.