Astrologically, this time of year celebrates the birth of the sun—our life-giving star. After the longest night of the year on Dec. 21, the daylight hours become incrementally longer. For centuries, this has been celebrated as a time where we can set the stage for our year ahead planning for crops in the next growing season. It is a time of potential for reflection. It is a time to see how your seeds grew in the year passed and how you want to move forward.   

Whether you believe in magic or not, the winter solstice is a time where we can tap into that potential energy of the natural cycles of the earth. However, nothing occurs in a vacuum, and everything we do is in relation to other cosmic energies.   

This past year, we had eclipse cycles which provoked our value systems and inner demons. Jupiter spent time in Pisces, and forced questions of what it means to be part of humanity. We began the current Mars retrograde that had us dissect our relationship to others. In essence, this year had us evaluate what it means to be human and what is worth investing in.   

As a new cycle begins and those lessons are put in hindsight, we are met with a ton of fiery cosmic potential. The intense possibilities that 2023 holds are big. But before we dive in, it’s important for us to reflect, reevaluate and strategize as we move ahead.   

To help you centre your 2022 reflections and 2023 aspirations, here are some prompts based on your sun and rising signs, along with another magical cosmic mixtape to get you in the mood. 



Your family and home life were the focus of this year. You can expect next year to bring some creative excitement. How can play and creativity nurture you? What does the idea of home mean to you?  


This year brought lots of necessary information to the fore. Expect next year to have you evaluate how you nurture yourself. Where have you fallen short for yourself? What is no longer keeping you healthy and inspired?  


Investments and things of value were a big focus for this year. That energy will shift into enriching your immediate relationships. How can you better communicate to honour ideals? What no longer feels valuable to you?  


It feels like you’ve been reinventing yourself this year. That energy may continue into 2023. Instead of focusing on what you are, ask yourself where are you are willing to invest your time.? What no longer serves your purpose?  


There has been a lot of inner movement, and you’ve come to terms with some big emotional lessons. Next year will give you the kickstart you’ve been asking for. Where and for whom do you want to show up? What ensures emotional health?  


This year had a heavy focus on your social life. Your inner confidence will be in the limelight next year. What has community meant to you this year? How do you want to work on yourself next year?  


Your public self took centre stage this year. Next year’s energy will shift towards friendships. What role do you want in your community? Who are your people?  


Enlightenment was the theme for this year. Next year might have you advocating for those beliefs. What are you willing to stand for? How will you lead by example? 


You’ve explored new territory this year. You’ll find yourself searching for deeper meaning in life next year. How do you want to prioritize your time? What is benefiting you and what no longer serves you?  


This year had you shifting partnerships.  An inward journey of healing is on the horizon. What requires some healing, moving forward? Who are you taking with you?   


Some overwhelming obstacles may have burdened your routine this year. You can expect new allyships to form next year. What is essential for maintaining your daily health routine? How can your relationships help achieve this goal?  


Although uncomfortable, this year brought some necessary upheaval. Expect some new inspiration to sweep you off your feet next year. What relationships are vital to your life’s vision? What people ignite you most?