Cosmic Relief: The Emergence of Spring

Springtime feels different this year. Inasmuch as we are excited to move out of our stale home environment and emerge into the sunlight, we are also remembering the anniversary of something that shifted our consciousness significantly. The sudden lockdown measures of last year gave us an opportunity to devote time to activities we might have ignored in the past — for me, it was gardening. In a way, these activities and dormant hobbies sprouted from a  place of necessity. 

When the global pandemic hit, like many of you, I was shaken. Growing up in a North American city to middle-class immigrant parents who fled wars or came to Canada for a better way of life gave me a strong sense of humility.

Hearing my parents or grandparents talk about how different their lives were compared to my privileged upbringing cemented ideas of deep-rooted gratitude and modesty about what I asked for from the world. Why? Because the world is a tough place. And although I knew that to be true, (and of course had my own hardships in life),

I never could compare my trials to the challenges faced by my elders who grew up in poverty or fled their homeland for a more stable future. As a child, my parents had the wisdom of these uncomfortable situations beyond my capacity. Experiencing the pandemic alongside them this last year was nothing short of eye-opening. 

In 2020 I had more conversations than I can count with friends, family and clients about what brings meaning to life. Listening to the challenges faced by my family all too many times, I never quite felt my desires were worthy enough of pursuing. Yet, last year, we all faced adversity and were forced to acknowledge that sometimes life throws unavoidable curveballs at us. Sometimes those curveballs can completely destroy many of the comforts we take for granted. And when that happened last March, I realized the only thing we can ever rely upon is the now. 

As the year went on, it became evidently clear that we all crave happiness, and that happiness comes from listening to those desires. When the world was forced to stop in its tracks, we were able to acknowledge the desires we tend to overlook without the typical distractions or excuses we were used to making. In isolation, we gravitated to those parts of our lives that gave us joy. And with the quiet came re-evaluation of everything. 

So, with the Spring Equinox not far past, I am thinking of what seeds I want to plant in my garden this year; literally and figuratively. The darkness of the winter is passing. Aries season is upon us. We are entering a spring that leaves a dark and challenging year behind. This month’s celestial energy is centred around ideas of value and pleasure. It marks the beginning of the astrological year with the Sun in Aries. We are charting forward into a new season filled with potential and opportunities. Yet, with the knowledge cultivated since last spring, we may ask ourselves: what values are we ready to implement into this new chapter? 

It’s time to move forward. What does that look like for each of us individually? With Mercury and Venus moving through Taurus this month, the spring season is flavoured with our deep desires and values. We will be feeling and talking about all the things in which we wish to indulge. And with the knowledge we’ve all gained both individually and collectively, it’s a bittersweet opportunity to experience things for which we have a renewed appreciation. Hindsight is 2020 after all.

Elfie Kalfakis Illustration

On that note, here is another magical cosmic mixtape to help put a spell on your spring, and of course your monthly forecast according to your sun and rising signs.


Your light is glowing a bit brighter these days, Aries. Relish in the sweetness this month. You have a good hunch there’s a time to shine up ahead, but there’s some work to be done before then. Enjoy basking in the limelight in the meantime. 


There’s a quiet excitement happening in you dear Taurus. You have been on a happy beat these days, and you’re likely dancing in the living room a lot. There’s anticipation with the turn of the season because there seems to be something brighter coming your way. You can feel it. Keep dancing. That movement is just pulling all that goodness your way.


You’ve been fired up for a while, Gemini, and this month is no exception. You want to get this train moving, yet you can’t seem to get the gears right. Give your brainpower a rest this month and excite it with a new comedy or documentary. Things will be a lot clearer in the coming months. 


You’ve been cool sea crab chillin’ on the beach, Cancer. You’ve been on a good rhythm for the last few weeks and you’re gaining some momentum.  By the end of this month, you’ll likely see a new surge of energy coming your way. Get ready to show them what you’re made of!


You’re getting a little worn out, Leo, and could use a really good afternoon nap, (on the regular). It feels like you’ve been holding all the pieces together for everyone lately, and it’s time you shared the load. Take some time this month to give yourself some tender loving care.


You cannot be bothered this month, Virgo. You have likely reached new levels of mental exhaustion over the last few weeks and could really use a cold drink in the sun. Time to go for a good hike in the woods or take a long walk outdoors. You’ve been cooped up inside with your thoughts for some time and it’s time to give yourself a break. 


You’re enjoying your privacy these days, Libra. It’s been a long year in the limelight helping out where you can, and you’ve let go of the steering wheel for a while. You’re happy to ride as a passenger for the time being, as long as you can listen to good music. It’s time to crank the volume on those good tunes and turn down the windows. 


You’ve had a little bit of fun these last few weeks, Scorpio. You’ve been trying to take it easy while riding a steady wave. Inasmuch as you’ve enjoyed that, you’re feeling it’s time to switch some things up before you get too comfortable. What’s going to give you just the right amount of thrill and not topple you off balance?


You’ve had a lot more motivation lately, Sagittarius, and this month’s no exception. And although the winter was quite long for you, this warm weather is just what your soul needs. It’s time to get that hiking gear ready for your next adventure. 


Boy, are you getting impatient, Capricorn! You’ve been working overtime, as always, but in your case, it’s out of restlessness. It’s time to put your dancing shoes on and join the party for a while. Sometimes it’s okay to have some fun while you wait for the next project to come along. 


It’s time to find a good way to celebrate some good times, Aquarius. You’ve been feeling more hopeful than usual the last few weeks, and it’s time to share some of that twinkle with others. Find a way to spread the love this month. It’s just what you’re craving. 


You feel pretty refreshed, and have a new swing to your step, Pisces. It’s time to get those dreams in motion. You’ve been percolating your ideas for a while and it’s time to push the gas pedal. Don’t worry, you don’t need to plunge forward; just pick up a little speed.