Cosmic relief: the Culture of Revolution

If we were looking to catch a break after the last two years of intense astrological occurrences, 2022 is that sweet ethereal coating of magic dust. As I mentioned in last month’s column, Jupiter will be in the hopeful and creative energy of Pisces. We can expect this year to ask us all to find our greater purpose and come together. Expect a lot of energy bursting out of the seams this year in the areas of art and spirituality. It’s time to find your inner artist and connect with the collective. 

It is not a stretch to say that the last few years have given us a lot of turmoil. And while I can’t predict that things will continue to be unpredictable, what I can say as someone who studies astrology is that by 2022 we will find hope in each other. Looking back in history to when Jupiter was last in Pisces, we can anticipate this year’s events having a lasting impact on the collective consciousness.

In the past, Jupiter in Pisces brought us the first release of a Beatles recording, the first airing of the Oprah Winfrey show, the first Ghibli film and the opening of Andy Warhol’s factory to name a few. It also gave way to the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Nixon resignation, the arrest of Nelson Mandela and the death of Marilyn Monroe. We are entering a year with events that will impact culture as we know it and bring people together in one way or another.  

To help you navigate these transformative waters, here is a playlist of songs reflecting that Pisces in Jupiter vibe and some words of wisdom for your year based on your sun and rising signs. 

Your wildest dreams might be coming true. This year will have you dreaming big and creating even more. 

Time to stand out in the crowd in order to bring people together. This year will help you build your social network.

People are finally listeningspeak up and don’t hold back. This year will have you in the driver’s seat, so buckle up.

Get out of your shell and go explore new territory. This year will have you shifting your philosophies on life.

It’s not an easy job, but you’re the only one who can pull it off with both grace and sass. This year will be about taking a deep dive into your subconscious. 

Put your faith in that circle of trust you’ve built around you. This year will be about partnerships and trust.

It’s time to get your ducks in a row. This year will have you focusing on the nitty gritty details and your routine.

Time to play! This year will have you indulging in your inner child and spark lots of romance. 

Nature is nurture. This year will bring lots of nurture for your soul, and likely a lot of time outdoors as well.

Clear your mind, and the rest will follow. This year will activate your mental capacity and have you sharing ideas with others.

Put your money where your mouth is. You’ll benefit from investing in things and causes that matter to you. 

Give it your best shot. This is your year to shine so roll up your sleeves, get creative and let your big heart shine for everyone to see.