The TCE Cosmic Relief Illustrated Astrology Chart made for the April edition. This month's features two way radio correspondence with the cosmos, fuchsia flowers and a raised fist of solidarity from the universe.


The reason I like to believe that zodiac signs play a significant role in our lives stems from the theories of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. In the early 20th century Jung suggested the concept of a collective unconscious which refers to a reservoir of memories, symbols, and archetypes that we all share. It’s a shared pool of symbolism that is ever evolving as we evolve as a species. It holds universal themes and images inherited from  human experiences that we tap into when in our dreams, myths and any other cultural symbols.  And the ancients assigned each sign of the zodiac constellation a myth that penetrated deep into our collective unconscious.  

Imagine a celestial map of archetypes and symbols we’ve collectively created that is our lens into the broader universe. The energy from the cosmos interacts with us on Earth, filtered through the collective myths ingrained in our shared unconscious. Astrology studies the interplay between these ancient myths we’ve woven into the constellations and the movements of the solar system around us.  

In astrology, February is Aquarius season. This year in February a stellium—or an alignment of three or more planets in a single zodiac sign—will occur in Aquarius. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto converge in this humanitarian and innovative sign. We can expect a boost in our progressive thinking, collective action, and transformative societal approaches.  

In ancient mythology, Aquarius is associated with Ganymede, a strikingly beautiful Trojan youth. Zeus, captivated by Ganymede’s beauty, transformed him into an eagle and immortalized him as the constellation Aquarius, where he serves as the cupbearer to the gods on Mount Olympus. Here he pours divine knowledge from the heavens onto earth.  This myth corresponds the Aquarius’ humanitarian and altruistic nature. 

 Aquarian energy is associated with visionary thinking and a desire to contribute to the greater good. The myth suggests the idea that individuals, like Ganymede, can transcend their earthly limitations and engage in activities that benefit a higher purpose. With Ganymede being a prisoner of the gods, we can also see how the rebellious and freedom driven nature of the Aquarius has roots in this myth. 

This month, we will want to embrace our uniqueness, contribute to group dynamics, and connect to our divine purpose. To find out how these transits will directly affect your sun and rising sign, I’ve offered some insights below. As always, here is another cosmic mixtape to help you tap into an Aquarius energy flow.  

A photo of a person in water, legs sticking straight out of the water. A blue and lilac filter is superimposed over the photo and there are repeated zodiac and solar symbols, with the Aquarius sign being the most common.


You’ll be compelled to take on collective action and social causes. Your energising perspective will contribute to group dynamics and likely offer a unique perspective. 


Career and public life will be asking for your attention. Now is the time to embrace innovative approaches to your professional identity and welcome changes in your career. 


Personal growth and intellectual exploration will be the theme for this month. You’ll be asked to expand your thinking and belief, and likely stand up for them.  


Shared resources and intimacy will be transforming. Expect to dive into unconventional financial strategies and nurture deep connections while being authentically you. 


Relationships take on an assertive and transformative tone. Collaboration and harmony are the keywords for you this month to foster connections that embrace the individuality of each person involved.  


Expect your daily routines to be in focus, find some efficient ways to cultivate a healthy and innovative home and workplace to maintain healthy, day-to-day practices. 


Passion projects and creative pursuits will take up most of your time. Authentic self-expression is the way forward through any barriers you might face this month. 


Shifts will occur in your home and family life. Approach your emotional problems with unconventional thinking this month and you’ll likely find more comfortable waters.   


Embrace conversations and explore dynamics with other people by sharing ideas. Opportunities will present themselves where you can mutually gain from like-minded individuals and create lasting connections. 


Your finances and values will be in centre stage this month. Unconventional and innovative approaches to your investments will have you in flow. 

Your individuality takes centre stage. Confidently embrace your unique ideas and perspectives. Trust in your intuition and let your eccentricity shine. 


You’ll be meeting this month with a lot of introspection. You can expect some insight into hidden aspects of yourself with some spiritual guidance coming in unique ways.