Cosmic Relief: Resolving 2021 with Jupiter

The astrological wheel is an analogy for how we evolve as humans. As much as we each have our sun signs, if we dig a little deeper we can understand our astrological make up is actually a unique combination of interactions between planets and the zodiac signs.  

The end of the year brings us to Sagittarius season. Sagittarius represents what we seek. 

What more do we want to experience? Where can we gain those experiences? 

As the sun travels through this sign in December, we are reflective of the year behind us, and can plan what we want to experience in the year ahead. 

Sagittarius’ planetary ruler Jupiter is also changing signs this month. Jupiter changes signs every year, often being a good indicator of the astrological themes of the year to come. In 2021 Jupiter was in Aquarius and its major themes revolved around revolution, scientific innovation and humanitarianism. This year brought us the capitol riots of Jan.6, the Taliban capture of Kabul, the COVID-19 pandemic vaccination roll out and more conversations and initiatives towards the global climate crisis than years before. 

In 2022—actually as of Dec. 28, 2021—Jupiter will be in the sign of Pisces. Collectively we will experience themes of surrender, idealism and magic. The coming year will ask us to inspire, create and have hope. Both collectively and personally we will see themes that may also relate to events of 2010 when Jupiter was last in Pisces. That year brought us the WikiLeaks scandal, the launch of Instagram, the Arab Spring, the BP oil spill and the end of the H1N1 pandemic as declared by the World Health Organisation. There perhaps will be themes of 2010 resolving themselves in the year to come.  

Astrologically, the beginning of Capricorn season on Dec. 21, also the winter solstice, marks the birth of a new solar year. It has us wanting to set our goals for the cycle to come. 

So, here are some resolution prompts and another cosmic playlist so you can put a spell on 2022.


What nurtures me? How can I create a better relationship with my intuition?


How can I better share my ideas? What information do I need to gather?


What do I want to invest my resources into? What do I value?


What do I identify with? What is the most honest version of myself?


What do I believe in? What ideas am I willing to stand behind? What is my role in the collective?


What does my community look like? Where can I make a difference?


What do I want to accomplish? What does success mean to me?


What do I need to learn more about? What philosophies can I explore?


What is beneath the surface? With whom can I share those intimate parts of myself?


Who is in my circle? What partnerships would I like to cultivate?


How can I improve my routine? Where can I make healthier choices?


How can I create more space for play in my life? What brings me joy?