This July comes with a planetary transit that happens once every 18 months—Venus will station retrograde on July 22 until Sept. 3 in the sign of Leo. Whenever any planet stations in retrograde, its influence over us turns inwards.   

Venus is what’s commonly referred to as an inner planet. These are the planets that are closest to Earth and subsequently have a more ‘personal’ impact on our lives. Traditionally represented as a divinely female energy, Venus holds space in our cosmic atmosphere for our desires, our idea of love and what we hold valuable.   

Around once a month, Venus will move through a zodiac sign, highlighting that part of our personality. While she spends time in Leo, she’ll have us wanting to be treated like royalty. We’ll desire that which is more optimistic, brazen and ambitious. While in the fiery sign of Leo, Venus will want luxury, thrill and glamour.  

Leo is an energy that commands respect and attention. With this demanding energy highlighting our inner world, it will become clear to us where we have been neglecting or abusing the self-love we all need. We’ll find ourselves asking questions like, “do I need to set a healthy boundary for myself here?”, or “have I been too self-centered?”  

For the parts of us that we extend generously and selflessly, it creates space to indulge, be generous to ourselves and create healthy boundaries with others. On the flip side, it will shed light on the parts of ourselves that can be possessive, proud and stubborn.   

Venus also retrogrades in eight-year cycles—the last time Venus stationed retrograde in Leo was eight years ago in July 2015. Don’t be surprised if this bold Venus retrograde sparks up some relationships from its last transit in Leo.  

In general, retrogrades bring reflection, and with reflection there is revisiting the past. It’s not uncommon to have a few unexpected conversations with past lovers or about unresolved relationships and situations.   

With this bold and highly sexual energy which craves spectacle painting the summer, we can expect this season to be filled with fireworks.  

To help harness the energy of this Venus retrograde, here is another cosmic mixtape to enchant your ears and some words of wisdom for your sun and rising signs.   


You will crave the playful and joyful aspects of life and likely gain insight into what you have been taking too seriously.  


You’ll want to focus on your home life and all the things that nurture you. Alone time and fam jams will help you have a clear intuitive sense of your deepest desires.   


Expressing your deepest desires to others will be very impactful this summer. If you’ve been wanting to have a conversation with someone or express something you’ve been wishing for, this might be a good time to do so.     


Cleaning out your closet, attic or garage will take centre stage this month. You’ll want to take inventory of all the things you have, cleaning house of all that no longer bring you joy.   


Your charm will be irressistible this month, so expect to connect with others with a lot more ease. You’ll be gaining insight into how you engage with the world.  


Venus will urge you to attack all which you may have been avoiding over the last eight years. Time to clean our the emotional dust from the metaphorical closet. 


Your social calendar will be full this month with inspirational meetings and gatherings. Expect to be fueled by friendship and reflective about community and where you belong.   


You’ll be questioning the relationship between what you are earning and what your calling might be this month. Expect big insights toward what you want your legacy to be in this life, whether or not that leads to financial earnings.  


Venus will bring you philosophical insight through her avenues of beauty and the arts. Expect to experience something new, like a piece of music or theatre, that will inspire a new way of thinking this season. 


You’ll be reevaluating the resources and supports you have in your life. Hearing unresolved wounds and setting a new foundation of suppport will be in major focus this season. 


You’ll be more skeptical of who you allow in your circle of trust this season. Expect to ruminate over various insights you’ll receive about who you want in your inner circle.  


You’ll be seeking out ways in which you can incorporate pleasures into your daily routine. The mundane tasks of life will have you craving more everyday indulgence.