COSMIC RELIEF: An Emotional Spring Equinox 

Understanding the relationships between Earth cycles, the cosmos and our subconscious is fundamental in the study of astrology. It is a study that believes living organisms are a microcosm of a larger system of celestial bodies. As the Earth begins to thaw in the northern hemisphere, we find ourselves at the spring equinox. Mar. 20 marks the beginning of the spring season, indicating we are done with the darker part of the year. It also suggests that, just like Earth, we are reemerging from a time of metaphoric darkness.   

This year, spring arrives within an emotional astrological landscape. On Mar. 25, Mars will be moving into the water sign of Cancer after spending seven months in Gemini. Expect themes from August 2022 to come to some resolution this month. With Mars moving into a water sign, you’ll be motivated by emotions and intuition, so expect some empathetic conversations.  

On Mar. 7, Saturn will move into the emotional, compassionate and mystical sign of Pisces. Saturn governs the moral obligations, responsibilities and other ‘adulting’ aspects of ourselves. This combination encourages us to ‘do the right thing.’ We are going to want to be more emotionally accountable. It is also the first time Saturn will be changing signs since the beginning of the pandemic, so look forward to some resolution of concerns that began in March 2020.  

Amidst all this, on Mar. 23 Pluto moves into Aquarius, changing its sign for the first time since 2008. While it will only spend a couple of months here, before it moves back into Capricorn for the remainder of the year, it will settle into Aquarius next year and will spend a good 21 years there. Expect this spring season to shed light on some of the grander themes of the next couple of decades.  

As always, to help you enchant the emotional waters of the spring equinox, here is a cosmic mixtape and some guidance below based on your sun and rising signs.  


You’ll be taking on more responsibilities this month and stepping into more of a leadership role. To help alleviate that stress, make sure to spend time doing things that lighten you up.  


Swift thinking and enjoying life’s pleasures will be the themes of this month. You’ll find yourself feeling pretty impulsive, so give yourself space to centre before reacting.  


Expect a lot of activity in your personal relationships. There will be a lot of issues that could come to a resolution as long as you approach them with an open mind and forgiveness.  


You’ve been feeling more driven the last few while and energy will slow down. Tie up any loose ends and share your thoughts with your friends—they’re excited to hear your fresh outlook.  


The end of this month brings you newfound motivation. Take this month to rest and prepare for the spring, as you likely have a lot of new opportunities and projects ready to hit the scene in the coming months.  


You’ll be craving new intimate experiences this month. It will also be easier for you to have those difficult and personal conversations. Expect some enriched adventures that could expand your horizons.  


Conversations will be the theme of the month. Expect constructive feedback that could help your close relationships. You’ll find some movement in projects that have had a slow start.  


You’ll be feeling more optimistic than usual. Whether professionally or personally you will be feeling more comfortable in the limelight, and you may find a financial boost to boot!  


You’ll start the month out wanting to sort through the clutter and generally focusing on routines and work. The end of the month would benefit from time spent with your close relations.  


You may have been feeling an overwhelming need to assert yourself the last few months. Expect that energy to dissolve, making room for creativity, humour and daily pleasures.  


You’ll likely have a lot on your mind, and be closing off a pretty taxing few months filled with a lot of obligations. Some of your close relationships are there to help, don’t be afraid to ask.  


You may have been under a lot of personal scrutinies the last little while. Expect that pressure to dissolve. Work could be a bit demanding this month, but you’ll have more energy for it.