It’s no surprise that autumn falls in Libra season in the northern hemisphere. In October every year, nature renders a colourful dream with soon to be falling leaves which mimics the harmonic, beautiful and romantic energy of Libra season. 

This year it brings us an immense amount of release from a lot of inner confusion. Get ready for some clarity and newfound awareness as Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury return to their regular direct paths, marking the end of retrograde season

And in true Libra form, our inner peacefulness will be balanced out by some fiery, sexy and tumultuous tensions brewing with the sensual Venus entering the fiery sign of Sagittarius on Oct. 7 and the aggressive Mars entering Scorpio on Oct. 30. 

This could be just the right formula to kick off Scorpio season on Oct. 22 and celebrate the Halloween season. 

As always, here are words of wisdom based on your sun and rising sign and another cosmic mixtape to put a spell on the coming month. 


You’re likely feeling reenergized this month, but also very indecisive. Take some action this month by following your gut instinct. 


You’re feeling a little restless and mischievous these days. Maybe hold off on doing anything too indulgent for another few weeks.


For Sagittarius, ’indulgent’ would be your word of choice this month, especially in the realm of romance. Pamper yourself in all ways possible this month and enjoy the finer pleasures life has to offer.   


You’re taking a bit of a back seat from the action this month and sussing out your next big move. Inasmuch as it’s hard for you to sit still, perhaps take a slower more strategic approach to this month. 


Your aloof and lone wolf attitude will be in full swing this month. Feel free to march off into your own world this month一you may find it’s the right way to keep your sanity.


You’re caught up in your daydreaming this month and feeling a little romantic and nostalgic. Finding some fun ways to get creative this month will help those feelings find a landing point.


This month is going to pull you out of your comfort zone by asking you to take more of a passive approach. Taking a step back and waiting for the right time to take action will help you this month. 


You’re looking forward to the colder months and the prospect of settling into a cozy homebody routine. Make a cup of your favourite warm drink and enjoy some quality time recharging indoors this month.


You’re feeling a bit of a reprieve from your social obligations and introspectiveness this month. Finding a new book to devour this month might be the best way to settle into autumn. 


You’re a little moody and craving time alone in your crab shell, but somehow that’s hard to come by this month. Canceling some plans to make room for some self care might not be a bad idea.


You’re running a little out of steam from the active energy of the summer months. Perhaps looking for a fun new fall wardrobe can bring back some spark into your step. 


You feel like you’ve settled into a healthier routine and ready to face the colder months ahead. Plan some fall milestones to help you transition into the new season and keep that momentum going.