ALBUM REVIEW: Childish Gambino – Because the Internet


Anna Beard

Because the Internet
Childish Gambino

There is no denying the fact that the build up to Donald Glover’s newest album under his Childish Gambino persona, Because the Internet, was weird and slightly off-putting.

Depressed marketing, cryptic Instagrams and awkward films left fans believing that Gambino was spiraling and not sure what to expect from the album.

But in the end, Because the Internet lived up to its title. Sampling his own songs, using Internet slang, and cleaning up his muddled rapping skills, this album is, like the Internet, oddly structured and chaotic.

Gambino’s second full length album departs from the geek-frilled, bullied childhood anecdotes of Camp, and the Royalty Mixtape while still embracing the tongue and cheek lyrics we’ve come to expect. “3005,” “Pink Toes” and “Playing Around Before The Party Stars” are the closest resemblance to what fans have previously seen of Glover’s lyrical abilities.

If you are looking for something musically dynamic with solid rapping and production, this album is for you.

However, those qualities aren’t what make Gambino successful. It’s his combination of story telling and cleverness that separates him from every other hip-hop artist. Because the Internet lacks that special ingredient.