Adding Colour to Professional Spaces With Stephanie Scott

Stephanie Scott is a Kitchener-Waterloo designer who describes her designs as psychedelic, futuristic, dexterous and eclectic, all meant to transform each space into a parallel universe. Many of her illustrations and designs have become centre pieces in various recreational, public and corporate spaces around the Region. Continuing to use her artwork as a canvas for self-discovery, Scott is ever evolving alongside her designs.

“I think I’m discovering who I am through what I create. I feel like it’s a never-ending quest for this overarching question of “who I am?”” Scott said.

“But I have discovered a lot about my approach to things because I do tend to create designs that aren’t very serious, which kind of is funny.”

Considering Scott has a background in fine art, illustration and graphic design, her self-described cartoon-y designs make for an ironic turn from her back ground in fine art, ultimately challenging those perceptions.

“I’ve evolved a lot as a designer. I don’t ever approach any project like a quote on quote “fine artist.” I don’t like to use that word when I describe what I do, because I feel like it doesn’t come from a place of an “artist.” I approach everything like a designer,” Scott said.

Scott explained that she is constantly problem solving in her work and collaborating with clients, which is something that she is continuously developing within her work and business.

Balancing the fine line between creative control and consulting with clients, Scott tailors her designs to meet her clients wants, needs, and objectives of their space, while also creating work that she can stand behind and be proud of.

Her most recent piece at Vidyard uses a glitch-art style aesthetic meant to represent the company’s connection to technology and innovation. Hustl + Flow, another space Scott provided art for, reflects her background in health and wellness as a former personal trainer.

“Hustl + Flow was more about engaging the community. I understand the importance of good motivational aspects in a [recreational] space and the positive effects that that can have on you,” she said.

Scott worked with one of the owners of Hustl + Flow to come up with the tag lines for the art work, although Scott says she can’t take credit for the tag lines. Scott used fine lines and typography in order to make their large mural reading “be the flow” in their centre workout space.

Scott is inspired by international designers and artists like Herb Lubalin, Pilar Zeta, and Takenobu Igarashi. More recently, Scott was inspired by the Region itself and created a mural at local company Terminal’s office inspired by the Region’s growth and development.

“A lot of my designs reflect the transition of the Region, especially the recent transition … I’ve had to do a lot of research on, so I’m pretty well informed for the progress of the Region and I draw a lot on the local archives,” Scott said.

“I try merge a lot of imagery that feels rather technical with things that are a little more artistic.”