A letter from the (new) editor

Oh, hello. Welcome to the first page of The Community Edition. I’m so happy you chose to pick up our precious newspaper. Or, if you’re reading this online, you clicked the link! Hooray!

I’d like to take the time to introduce myself. I’m Beth Bowles, the new Editor in Chief of The Community Edition. I’ve been running this paper for a month now, and nothing has burst into flames, yet, so I think I’m doing an okay job.

So let’s take the time to get to know each other. A little bit about me: after university graduation I was hired as Editor in Chief of The Cord, where I shared an office with Jesse Bauman, a previous Editor in Chief of The Community Edition. For one year, we sat in the same room. He ran his paper and I ran mine. We bounced ideas. We talked about the changing landscape of media. We argued about CP style. (Is it KW or K-W? We’ll never know).

And then we both left, Jesse to go to school and me to pursue other avenues that seemed more prosperous in my head than in actuality.

TCE was then taken over by Megan Nourse, another person I had known for a while, another person I respected, another person I built a strong friendship with. I didn’t have a space to write for anymore and I don’t think I had processed ahead of time what it would be like to lose that. But the light at the end of the dark tunnel that was my misery without writing, there was TCE and there was Megan, letting me write about whatever the hell I wanted to.

And now, as Megan exits and I enter, my main goal is to offer the same thing to others that she offered me. If you love this community, if you want to feel a part of something, if you want to share your stories, or other people’s stories, then we’re already on our way to becoming friends.

So now I’ve told you about me, but I want to know about you. The Community Edition is nothing without its volunteers. We’re built with the community’s voices as our foundation. Kitchener Waterloo is full of people with unique perspectives and stories, and we’re here to showcase them. Media is constantly changing, and because we’re independent, we like to bend the rules. So why wouldn’t you come along for the ride?

Beth Bowles

Editor in Chief