The Community Edition caught up with Bill McTavish, owner of soon-to-open Boathouse for a tour of the tastes, talent and taps soon to grace the community pub.

Boathouse to open late December

Allison M. Leonard

The long-awaited reopening of the Victoria Park establishment, the Boathouse is on the horizon. The Community Edition caught up with the joint’s owner, Bill McTavish for a tour of the tastes, talent and taps soon to grace the community pub.

Tastes and taps
Pointing to the southwest corner of the space – much more airy than patrons would remember – McTavish explains the standard rotating taps he expects the soon-to-be bar to host. Some local, some not; the intent is on a good brew to pair with the pub grub boathouse will be dishing out. “think of food truck food, but not in a truck. Lots of fusion, big flavours,” McTavish offers as the only hint to the menu.

Matt Smith, photo editor
Photos by Matt Smith, Community Edition photo editor

Grab a seat, always
The Boathouse-of-old fought to seat 40 on a busy night. Renovations have opened the space, in-doors and out to seat roughly 160 with an open patio. For dinner, for too many patio pints or for soaking up the tunes, customers can always expect to find a seat on the room-wrapping banquettes and feel comfortable in the updated wood and pipe style décor.

Matt Smith, photo editor

A rotating stage
Rotating musicians, local and touring will find home in the north-west corner, where a large stage takes root. Localites can anticipate all their favourites; regular appearances from Richard Garvey, Janice Lee and the Nerd Nite crew can be expected, with room for new artists and the occasional musician on tour. Boathouse pro tip: that piano in the corner? Rumour has it that it was once donated by Joel Plaskett.

Matt Smith, photo editor