10 Ideas to Change Waterloo

It starts with an idea.

Any project comes from the kernel of something small. It could be from reading a book; listening to music; seeing a need in your community or just from out of the blue. Sometimes we forget about ideas as soon as they appear, and other times they haunt us for years.

10 ideas to change Waterloo is a collection of ideas. Some of these ideas are big. Some are small. Some are just starting — they’re still just a kernel, though they could become something more. Some are already chugging along. We can see the difference they’ve made already.

10 Ideas cover

The ideas selected are:

  • The Family Centre’s Community Hub
  • Little Libraries of Kitchener-Waterloo
  • Tire Vase Barrier
  • The City of Waterloo Neighbourhood Matching Fund
  • Grand Porch Party
  • The Beautiful Women Project’s School of Self-Acceptance Exhibit
  • Electric Mobility Ecosystem (EME)
  • Open Space
  • @PeopleofKW
  • Girls on Purpose

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