On Friday, Jun. 9, THEMUSEUM in downtown Kitchener hosted Barbiecore Night, a night dedicated to all things Barbie, Ken and pink. Starting at 8:00 PM and running until midnight attendees were treated to spectacles, free snacks and Barbie themed drinks at the cash bar.  

When entering the space guests were immediately greeted with photo opportunities, including a free retro Photo Booth, as well as a human sized Barbie Box photo opportunity. The DJ kept the energy high all night as he spun a mix of late ’90s hits, 2000s and current top 100 tracks as well.  

To the side of the dance floor, attendees had the opportunity to feast on cotton candy which came served on glowing sticks, watermelon- flavoured popcorn and sugar cookies.  

As the night went on, attendees were regaled with performances from local drag royalty, Melody Bijou and Saff the Sapphic as Barbie and Ken, respectively. The couple performed two sets over the duration of the night, including the iconic Barbie Girl song by Aqua.  

“I felt so much joy getting to portray Ken with my pal Melody Bijou as my Barbie.” Sapphic said. “Barbie is a timeless icon; I love how she is the main character in her own story and Ken was always arm candy.”  

A fashion show featuring outfits from local clothing stores: Le Prix, The Clothing Exchange and UNIKONCEPT followed the first set of drag performances.  

Attendees were also on theme following the theme with their fashion choices. There were many pink Barbiecore outfits, as well as those inspired by looks that Barbie sported over the years.  

“[Being invited] felt like a dream and when I first arrived, I was surrounded by pink. I love how intentional all of the activities and decor were! The crowd had such good energy too [and] the spectrum of Barbie looks was perfect,” Sapphic said.  

Bijou and Sapphic also hosted several events that kept the crowd entertained as the night went on. The event-goers had many opportunities to win prizes, including a Barbie- themed trivia, a dance off and a costume contest. Kathryn Quirk won Barbie Trivia.  

“I’m having a really good time tonight, it was super well thought out with lots to do. Everyone needs to get out and support the local KW events so more fun nights like this are possible,” Kathryn Quirk, winner of the Barbie Trivia, said.  

The second floor also featured a display of vintage Barbies showing Barbie’s evolution throughout the decades. The display had a diverse cast of characters including Barbie’s many friends.  

“Although Barbie can be problematic, Barbie has turned into a role model. She honours inspirational figures while also continually growing success for the past 50+ years,” Quirk said. “I think Barbie has a long way to come from a body positivity standpoint—but to me she’s a role model teaching young girls you can be and do anything you want.”  

Overall, the event was a success with a packed dance floor all the way up until the last song of the night.  

“I love how queer, vivacious and interactive the whole event was,” Sapphic said.