The Community Edition announces planned departure of Editor in Chief, Beth Bowles

It is with mixed emotions that the Community Edition announces the planned departure of our Editor in Chief, Beth Bowles.

Beth will be leaving her post as EIC once a suitable replacement has been found, which we expect to be this Fall. Beth will be leaving to continuing her work as the Social Media and Marketing Coordinator at Elora Brewing Company, in addition to continuing other freelance and educational opportunities as well.

We certainly wish her the best in her future endeavours and know she will be missed by her colleagues and friends at WLU Student Publications and the avid readers and audience of the Community Edition, which she has headed since October 2017.

During her time with the TCE, Beth has worked to expand the paper throughout the Region and connect to new audiences. She envisioned and brought to life new merchandise to the TCE store such as our Community Definition shirts and our Local News pin. She connected audiences to new businesses and notable folks in the community and wrote impactful and thought-provoking pieces in her Editor’s notes.

It is with a heavy heart that we see her leave but we wouldn’t be the publication we are today without her hard work and dedication. We are excited to see what she will do next and we (selfishly) hope to see her face and by-line grace our pages a few more times in the future. We know she will continue to great things and we expect to run into her at the many festivals in our Region and her favourite cafe’s around town.

To smooth the transition of a new EIC, Beth will be staying on until a suitable candidate is found. If you are excited about this opportunity, or know someone who is, please review the job posting found here.


Lakyn Barton


The Community Edition