Looking for how to thrive during the time of COVID-19? What’s your sign? TCE’s cosmic coping strategies are here to help you deal with life right now. We’ve figured out how best to take care of yourself and get through October based on your traits and preferences.

October 2020 is a “blue moon” month, meaning it will be bookended by a rare doubleheader of full moons — the second one is on Halloween night! Things may get spookier than usual.


Happy Libra season! Brace yourself for plenty of fun this birthday month. You didn’t want to believe anyone when they said you would still be in isolation around Halloween, but it looks like they were right. That’s okay. There are lots of ways to celebrate with neighbours and friends from a safe distance. Somehow with everything going on in the world, you still know how to balance the scales of safety and fun. Even though you can’t decide which way to arrange the pumpkins on your front porch, we know you’ve already figured out how to send packaged treats through the ghost zipline you built — and that’s really all that matters.


You’ve been finding it hard to keep things to yourself lately. You could have acted like your dad’s stuffing recipe wasn’t any different this year but, telling him he overdid it on the onion was best for everyone involved. At least you always have a witty line to keep everyone entertained. You’ve also been feeling extra ambitious. Keep your eyes peeled for a new project that’s on the horizon later in the month. Luckily, Scorpio season arrives on October 22, and your energy reboots as the sun blazes through your sign until November 21. Finally, you can focus on YOU and your most important projects.


It feels like everyone you talk to is in a bit of a slump lately, but you’ve never had more energy! This is a great time to put that energy to use. Get outside and soak up the colours of autumn in Kitchener-Waterloo. Grab your furry friend and go for a walk in Huron Natural Area. Your usually optimistic sign is struggling to generate your normal contagious enthusiasm for others — take heart, dear Sagittarius, the outdoors are your key to positive mental health. Climb to the top of the wilds of Natchen Hill and gaze at the Grand River. You’ll feel on top of the World, well or at least the Region.


Working from home has caused your calendar to blend together with no end to the day. You find yourself working long hours, but even the most ambitious folks like yourself need to rest and recharge. Be kind to yourself Capricorn — there’s only so many evenings you can eat takeout at your desk while logging your 10th or 12th work hour (although the Bao really is delicious). It’s time to take a work break. Set aside a day to visit a local pumpkin patch, or apple orchard to gather harvest items while clearing your head. Nothing makes you happier than doing something practical that you can bring home and enjoy.


You’ve been analyzing everything you read in the news lately and it’s getting harder to be your easy-going yet mystical self. Distract yourself with one of the fall recipes in the Community Edition this month. Refocusing your energy will feed the soul and also your belly. Your psychic powers could magnify over the next couple of months, so pay attention to dreams about flying (you’re an air sign), intuitive flashes and signs from the universe. Try tapping into your inner landscape and harnessing that creative energy into a new project, like learning how to make a collage inspired by your nightly visions.


You’ve been so busy thinking about your family and friends lately, you haven’t spent much time thinking about your own needs. With all your natural empathy, people have been coming to you for a shoulder to cry on. Put your phone on silent and take a break from being the support for others, and try journaling some of your own feelings for a change. Treat yourself! Order in a few beverages from your favourite local brewery. Pisces are water signs, so draw a bath, light your favourite Sew Rustic candle, slip in, put your feet up, and relax!


The lack of physical activity has been getting you down, and you’re having trouble sitting still. That’s alright. There are a lot of things you can do outdoors in the Region at a safe distance. Grab your bike and hit the Hydrocut. You can definitely challenge yourself at home too by getting an indoor bike trainer. Try joining an online cycling community like Zwift, for virtual group rides, in a video game-like environment, with lots of competition with real people — making you (as Daft Punk says) harder, better, faster, stronger.

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APRIL 20 — MAY 20

So you’ve been preparing your Halloween costume since June from scratch? Of course, you have! As the date gets closer, you’re worried your idea may have been a little too ambitious. Take some calming deep breaths during the anxiety these changes bring to your grandiose solid plan. Hit up the local thrift stores for those last-minute additions to your look. Don’t worry, you’ll get it done — you always do, and it will be aesthetic AF. With your creative artistry, it will definitely be something that blows everyone’s minds!

MAY 21 — JUNE 20

At this point, you’ve been pivoting like you’ve been trying to move Ross’ couch into his apartment since March. You’ve adapted to every challenge the pandemic has thrown your way, but you’re constantly second-guessing yourself, wondering if you’ve made the right decisions. Rest assured, you are prepared. The vegetables you stockpiled from the community garden last month will serve you well. Bored? Try your hand at a learning a new maker skill like 3D printing, knitting, or learning to code. 

JUNE 21 — JULY 22

You’re constantly worried about everyone’s safety right now, but when you tell your friends to be careful, you worry what they’re thinking about you. They know you only have the best intentions. If you feel safer hanging out from a distance, look for an online viewing of a movie that you can watch together (but apart). Set up some really cool Jackbox game nights. Bring everyone you love together virtually for a weekly themed trivia night from the comfort of your own home. Everyone will be grateful – you’re the glue that holds them all together!

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All your favourite annual Halloween parties are cancelled this year, and while you understand why, it’s a definite bummer. It looks like you’ll have to find a safer way to celebrate your favourite holiday. There are lots of great ideas in the TCE event listing this month (maybe suggesting that makes us self-indulgent, but come on Leo — who are you to judge us?). Or use that incredible music knowledge and charisma to start hosting virtual weekly dance parties with your crew — curate a new playlist to wow them each time. You know how good you are at that!


Virtual dance parties, birthday parades, dinner parties delivered to front steps …Virgo you definitely know how to get creative about social distancing. You’ve been really patient during this difficult time, and your kindness has been noticed by your friends and family. Dropping off baked goods, or picking up fall bouquets at the market will provide more creative ways to surprise your loved ones and let them know you’re thinking of them. But please do something luxurious just for you —  order that cashmere blanket you’ve been obsessing about from your fav online shop. It’s ok Virgo, you deserve it!


TCE Horoscopes and Haru Noon are illustrated by Cara Vandermey who created each sign to celebrate a different essential worker.
TCE thanks Waterloo Region’s essential workers for all you do to continue to provide for us. Much Love.