Steel Rails


Once a year, we host an interactive art party. That’s all we will tell you. Seriously. The setting, animations and contents are unknown until you arrive.

Steel Rails 2019 is coming. We’re turning 10 and that officially makes us a tween. Get ready to stay up past your bed time, get a little rebellious and don’t forget to bring your allowance money. This year, we’re not even celebrating on a school night.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for hints about the mystery event, chances to win tickets and information leading up to the event. Engage with us using #SteelRails19.

Want to get in before tickets sell out? Between you and me, sponsorship is the easiest way to secure your tickets. It’s also an amazing way to connect with 500+ attendees that care about the Waterloo Region community.

Want to sponsor or find out more information? Email or call 519-884-0710 extension 3560

Want to see what happened in years past?

Check out photos from previous years here: 20182017 , 2016 , 2015 , 20142013

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