Outdoor Family Fun in Waterloo Region

For families looking to tire out the kids or find quieter times exploring their creativity, we’ve got you covered!

Outdoor Rinks

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional skater or an absolute disaster, just get your family and your skates on (or rent some) and hit an outdoor rink. Practice makes perfect! Our favourites are the ones at Carl Zehr Square and Waterloo Town Square because they have so many options for things to do after, but there are many places to chose from.

Nature Play Kitchener

Our winters wouldn’t be the same without Nature Play. This free community program usually gathers twice a week at Gzowski Park and Kingsdale Park for some guaranteed fun in nature. Children take the lead using their creativity to make nature into their own playground.

Chicopee Ski & Summer Resort

This mountain is perfect for families to spend the day skiing down the slopes or having their first-time ski experience. It’s a very family-friendly place with lots of space and food available at the resort. Take advantage of their Community Nights, Discovery Mondays, Student Wednesdays or Family Fridays for great discounts.

Hiking St. Jacobs

St Jacobs has great paths and trails that can be enjoyed all year including wintertime and some of them are also part of the Trans Canada Trail. Take a winter hike and enjoy some of the most beautiful views of the region.

Winter Sleigh Rides

Take a ride with your little ones that you won’t soon forget. Right by the famous Farmer’s Market, St. Jacobs Horse Drawn Tours lets you experience the scenic countryside like never before. End with a warm cup of apple cider at their rustic sugar shack.


Find a nice hill and just go down – on a sled, a garbage can lid, laundry or a piece of cardboard. It doesn’t take much to entertain the little ones, and I’m sure you’ve seen some nice mounds of snow around and sometimes even driveways can do the trick depending on how much snow you get. Our favourite is the one on McLennan Park

Ice Climbing

You don’t have to go too far this winter to have this truly unique experience. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, try ice climbing in Elora and feel like Jon Snow on the wall. All the necessary safety gear and equipment is included but bring your own outdoor clothing. Be ready to climb a 60-foot frozen waterfall. It doesn’t seem like an easy task but that’s what’s going to make it more worth it in the end.

Just Play With It

With little to no tools you can have a lot of fun with the snow – your imagination will set the limits! Build a snowman, a snow fort or just have a snowball fight. Adding colour is another option that kids always love. Get some food colouring or water paint and pretty much anything you can find – a spray bottle, a syringe, kitchen scoops or water guns and colour the snow with them.