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Now “hiring”: social media editor

The ideal candidate believes in community media, more-or-less lives online, is comfortable managing all the social media platforms, and gets excited integrating data analytics into engagement strategies. At the very least, you want to prove to future employers that you can manage social for a media organization with an audience of tens of thousands. Interested? Send brief cover letter, which emphasizes knowledge of (and future vision for) tCE, and resume to jesse[dot]bauman[at]wlusp[dot]com by 17:00, December 5.

Job Description:



Reports to:


General function:

The Social Media Editor (SME) must be familiar with social media strategies, and capable of implementing such strategies to effectively engage with readers through online platforms. The SME will be responsible for ensuring that posts are being made frequently on each of the Community Edition’s social media accounts (Facebook, twitter and Instagram). The SME should also be committed to ongoing learning, and integrating new data insights into existing outreach and engagement strategies. Finally, the SME should understand tCE’s unique position and brand identity and integrate that understanding into all strategies.


  • Work with the editor in chief to develop a social media strategy that will boost online engagement;
  • Keep track of and analyze audience engagement and share insights with EIC to improve engagement strategies;
  • Advertise new issues once they are published using twitter, Facebook and Instagram (and re-introduce readers to older content);
  • Engage with readers via social media;
  • Understand and ensure all communications honour and promote unique tCE brand in regional media ecosystem;
  • Stay informed of off-campus community events and news-items and wherever possible find and promote community connections through social sharing;
  • Maintain proper spelling, grammar and punctuation when using tCE accounts;
  • Communicate respectfully and professionally at all times;
  • Adhere to the WLUSP code of conduct;
  • Be respectful and protective of all property/equipment owned by WLUSP. In the case of damage to WLUSP property resulting from malicious intent or negligence, the editor may be held accountable.

The SME is a volunteer position, but may be considered for a performance-based honorarium, to be evaluated by tCE’s editor in chief. WLUSP will reimburse the SME for all reasonable business related expenses, in accordance with the WLUSP’s policy. Expenses will be paid within a reasonable time after submission of the required supporting documentation. For the duration of the term of this contract the volunteer shall not be entitled to any other benefits not specifically provided by this agreement unless mutually agreed to in writing by both parties.


Jesse is editor in chief of the Community Edition.