Kroka is a three-piece, rock band from Kitchener. Their breakthrough single “Sasquatch” is now available on all major streaming platforms. As far as genres are concerned, stoner rock would best suit these up-and-comers, but it doesn’t seem like anything is holding them back.

“Sasquatch” kicks off with some mid-paced percussion over a heavy- footed back beat. A slugging bass guitar latches onto the foreboding drums before the guitars come in. The guitarist implements an attention-grabbing feedback squeal before going into what the band describes as a “desert rock” riff.  

Throughout the history of pop music, many artists have been inspired by the mystifying accounts of ancient Egypt—Kroka is no exception, using a group of notes known in music as the Phrygian mode. “Sasquatch” is likely to resonate with fans of The Tea Party. The song features distorted guitars, heavy bass and even a guitar solo near the end.  

The vocals are unique in that each member of the band sings, offering a layered element to the song. The lyrics are an open invitation to have dinner with the sasquatch. Luckily you are not expected to bring wine or bread to the party. Instead, you are urged to suspend your disbelief in the paranormal.

“Open-hearted, honest. Make yourself a promise. Before you stands a goddess,” the song goes.  

The line implies that upon suspending your disbelief, you open yourself up to a paranormal world where cryptids mingle with ethereal beings. The lyricist goes on to entice skeptics by putting us in a familiar situation with unfamiliar hosts.  

The single is mastered by the Grammy-nominated producer, Dan Brodbeck, and is delivered with a certain polished charm. Brodbeck has worked with acts like The Cranberries, The Salads and Texas King.  

Bringing rock-driven overtones to the forefront, while carrying group vocals to the back of the mix. It is important to note that the production and mastering also play an instrumental role in elevating the song from the bands initial demo release that can be heard on Soundcloud for comparison.  

The band traded harmonic guitar notes at the intro for a single, stabbing piano note near the outro. Some minor changes were made to the structure of the song, resulting in the omission of atmospheric embellishments in favour of a more pointed, rock-and-roll ending.  

It is clear that Kroka wants to bring fringe-rock to the mainstream by playing catchy and familiar hooks. Offering pop-sensibility to those who may feel challenged by pervading paranormal themes. After all, “Kroka” is Swedish for “to hook.”  

Kroka says that they are gaining momentum, and that you can keep up with them on instagram @krokamusic.  

Genres: Rock, Stoner-Rock, Alternative-Rock