Born out of the need to be her authentic self, Dani Kimmel established Past Bedtime Accessories after 18 years of a corporate lifestyle. It has become a sacred space for Kimmel to express herself and her passion.   

Cannabis helps Kimmel with her chronic pain over the years and she hopes to help others do the same. Never one to settle for basic, however, she curates and creates her own cannabis accessories.    

 “It’s finding the joy and beauty in what little moments you can find them in. And whether that’s your favorite sparkly pen at work, or that’s your one ridiculous water bottle that you have. It doesn’t matter. That’s what brought you joy,” Kimmel said.  

Since October 2022, Past Bedtime Accessories has brought unique cannabis aesthetics to the KW Region. Kimmel is a proud half-Caribbean, pansexual KW resident. She uses her platform to promote choosing joy every day.  

Past Bedtime Accessories range from custom glassware, pipes, lavender rolling paper and more. Each piece is a unique celebration. The curated glass pieces are transformed from antique glassware to bongs and other cannabis accessories. Kimmel breathes new life into old decanters, vases, and perfume bottles.   

“My friend Julie is one of the primary idea people behind Past Bedtime. She was the one that said ‘Yo, you know what would be cool? ‘and then I ran with it,” Kimmel said.   

 The bongs  are made from upcycled glass vessels like alcohol decanters or perfume bottles. They are sourced from local antique shops, thrift stores and Facebook marketplace.

Each unique glassware starts with an antique piece being curated by either Kimmel or one of her skillful shoppers. The Bestie collections are the vessels created in honour of Kimmel’s friends who inspired her.   

“It’s making sure that when you need it most, you’re taking those moments to remember and ground yourself and what keeps you content like that, no matter how small it is,” Kimmel said.   

Past Bedtime also carries other cannabis accessory brands such as Cannatonik and Ganja Vibes. Kimmel is committed to bringing her customers durably designed products that are more than what you would expect at a chain cannabis shop. Kimmel has participated in multiple markets in and around the region. Including the Sounds Gay, I’m in Market in London. 

“I have decided it came about that the gospel of Past Bedtime is: ‘Thou shalt not sacrifice aesthetics for function’. And that’s how I try to live my life,” Kimmel said.   

Those who shop at Past Bedtime are immediately a part of the “feel-good crew.” To Kimmel, that means when someone knows they deserve moments of joy. That personal contentedness can be shared with the other people you share your day with.   

“The more you have in you to make the barista laugh on your way out with your drink. Or to tell the person at the stoplight when you’re waiting to cross the street that you love their bag,” Kimmel said.  

ALongside running her own business, Kimmel is a mother of two. Time alone spent relaxing comes few and far between, but it is something she tries to prioritize. A concept she hopes her products help others do.