Throwback to my first month as editor-in-chief. Goudies Lane, in front of my favourite local mural by Steph Boutari

Editor’s Note: Reflecting On A Year In The Role

When I started as a staff writer for the Community Edition in June 2018, I had just quit my job at a local tech startup to dive into the unknown as a full-time freelance writer. Taking that leap was pretty scary, and I had no idea if I’d actually be able to turn myself into the journalist I wanted to be.

We all have that dream we keep in our back pocket and think, maybe I could do that someday. Taking that leap is the hardest part of living a truly creative life. The only thing stopping you from trying is the fear of failure.

I quickly realized that journalism is storytelling with a specific purpose. My goal as editor-in-chief is to help elevate the stories of our community.

As I approach the one year mark of being editor-in-chief of the Community Edition, I’m amazed at how this community has come together during these difficult times and stood up for change. It’s been a time of isolation and self-reflection for many of us, but a lot of people are hurting. I’ve been inspired by how KW has really been there for each other, and given support for local small businesses.

This month we highlight important initiatives and organizations that are stepping up to make a positive impact on social injustice in our community. Issues of menstrual equity, food security, addiction, harm reduction, affordable housing, autism, and sexual education.

We also looked to local entrepreneurs and business owners, to learn what local government and the BIA’s can do to help support them during the pandemic.

Independent media has never been so relevant, and the Community Edition is committed to telling stories you can’t find anywhere else, that help us understand how our communities are changing.

The Community Edition is not just an independent media publication, we are also a learning environment for volunteers. Whether you’re looking to write, edit, take photos, work on design and/or production, curate social media or help with web, we’d love to help you grow your skills!

If you have an idea, a story to be told, or a voice that needs to be heard, reach out to me at