This month is Black History Month. It is the shortest month of the year and we regularly see a year’s worth of conversation, commitments and equity initiatives in these 28 days.   

This issue of TCE does not include any specific articles about Black History Month. However, we commit whole-heartedly to equity in the work that we do.   

Our efforts have mostly focused on elevating Black stories. We try to find sources for each story that would introduce Black (and other) perspectives. We also keep equity and diversity at the forefront of each step of the publication process. This includes finding diverse stories, brainstorming all possible angles of a story, finding and interviewing different kinds of sources, incorporating critical perspectives, and readily receiving feedback from the community.    

At the same time, we are aware that a lot of disparities are part of the systems within which we function. While TCE tries to be equitable, there is no denying that journalism and publication have historically excluded Black voices. It’s also no surprise that we have fewer prevalent Black voices in media than we should.   

At TCE, we don’t have a lot of Black volunteers—that is a shortcoming that this community can help us fill. We have the resources, the time and the will to help Black writers and artists grow their skills. Please reach out and take advantage of this opportunity.   

We will follow events and discussions in the region over February and, in our next edition, present a snapshot of Black History Month for our readers.  

In the meantime, here is a list of resources in the community to learn more.  

For Finding Community  

The Caribbean Canadian Association of Waterloo Region (CCAWR)  

The CCAWR is here to promote the social, cultural and economic interests of and advocate for the Caribbean community in the Region of Waterloo   

Join the CCAWR as they host events for facilitating community engagement. During Black History Month, the CCAWR will be celebrating the many achievements and contributions of Black Canadians.  


RAISE is a student-led WUSA service that was launched in Winter 2019. RAISE serves to address racism and xenophobia on the University of Waterloo campus.  

RAISE provides confidential peer support for the racialized undergraduate student community.  

Black Parent Council KW  

The Black Parent Council of KW is a space for parents to support ACBi, Indigenous and racialized children through advocacy, education and community care.  

Antiracism Training  

The Introduction to Antiracism Workshop  

Run by local antiracism educator Selam Debs, this workshop is for organizations, corporations, companies and schools.  

Learn how to move beyond diversity and inclusion by developing an antiracist lens.  

The Antiracism Course  

Also by Debs, this workshop is a guide for individuals and communities to be antiracist in your everyday life. From work, home and in the world at large.  

Racial Equity Databases  


This is a central webpage to learn about racism and discrimination, and take action towards ending racism in Waterloo Region.  

Use this page for resources about reporting hate incidents, antiracism reads, tv shows, movies and more.  

Antiracism Resource List  

This is a webpage that contains a list of courses, readings, videos and podcasts on antiracism compiled by the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) Workers of Colour Committee  

Antiracism resources for child and youth health care providers  

This is selected list of resources compiled by the Canadian Pediatric Society. Use this page to learn about how health care professionals can learn about and practice antiracism.