In November, the sun and Mars will meet in our skies to help catapult us into the new year with some much-needed purification.   

The sun is the centre of our solar system. Its ever-present warmth and light hold ancient roots as the source of life through many different cultures and belief systems. Astrologically, whenever the sun is closely connected to a planet it brings vitality, energy and life.   

This month, we have what is known in astrology as a ‘cazimi.’ which happens when a planet is at its closest point to the sun. The degree between the two bodies, from our vantage point, appears to be exact, forming a metaphorical kiss. The word cazimi is a Latin transliteration of the Arabic term meaning “as if in the heart”.  Naturally, in astrology we see this as a moment where the planet is emboldened and illuminated. The qualities the planet expresses are pure, strengthened and brighter. Cazimis are an auspicious time to tap into the realms of life that relate to the planet forming a conjunction with the Sun. 

These happen almost annually for each planet. On Nov. 18, Mars will cazimi while in the sign of Scorpio. When this happens, we can access untapped energy, willpower and motivation more directly. Mars initiates action and movement, making this a great time to set any projects or intentions into motion. It is also a time where we can gain great insight into what motivates, inspires and angers us.   

With Mars currently moving through the sign of Scorpio, we can expect themes of deep-rooted issues, intimacy and even taboo or occult to flavour these motivations. If there is a moment this year to put some focus into pursuing your deepest, (and maybe even kookiest), desires—the Mars cazimi is the perfect opportunity. A Mars cazimi in Scorpio suggests a time to understand the parts of us that are thrill- seeking, sexual, mysterious and maybe even a little strange.   

But there is always a caveat, especially when it comes to Scorpio, a sign that also rules over death and transformation.  While Scorpio holds some of our deepest desires, it also holds the murky and deep waters of our subconscious. With the ignition in these subterranean parts of ourselves, this transit is not for the faint of heart. Things bottled up inside may be revealed. Expect to be deeply moved and maybe even forever changed during this transit. Scorpio is a sign that holds the power of purification after all.   

To help raise your vibration to align with the Mars cazimi, here is a mixtape along with some insight based on your rising and sun signs. 


Things may feel very urgent and trigger impatience.  With focus you can reach stronger intimate connections and assert any power imbalances in your relationships.  


This is a beautiful opportunity to create stronger unity and harmony in your close relationships. Working in partnership is the theme this month.   


Time to clear out any deadwood in your routine and habits. Use this opportunity to put your health and routine into ignition, it might be what you need right now.   


If you want to incorporate more play and romance in your life this is the perfect moment. Let your creative instinct guide you into projects and exciting activities that will spark your fire.   


Expect some precarious explosions with family. This is a great time to shake up anything that’s getting in the way of you finding your serenity at home. 


Time to clear the air of anything that’s been weighing on your mind and settle any differences between your siblings or people around you. If you can keep your temper in check this will work out likely in your favour.   


Expect some shake ups in the realms of finance. If you’ve been trying to find the courage to invest or take on some new financial projects, now is the time to do so.   


It may feel like you’re being provoked from all directions, but this is a great opportunity to assert yourself. Diplomacy may not come easy, but if you keep it in mind conflicts may end in your favour.   


Are there things that are holding you back or coming in the way of being your authentic self? You’ll likely be forced to face some inner demons to overcome your biggest obstacle, yourself.   


You can expect some conflict in your social circle that is likely overdue.  Time to clear the air, stand up for what you believe and step into more leadership in your community.   


Time to pull up your socks and take on a likely audacious challenge. Mars will bring you a seemingly impossible opportunity that could end up being the exact thing to catapult your career. 


This is a great time to take on a new area of study or a new course of action. You’ll have the motivation to tackle things that normally feel overwhelming, and it’ll likely be something that serves both you and the collective.   


Elfie Kalfakis is an artist inspired by mythology, play, the occult and consciousness. Her work is multidisciplinary, intuitive and uses mediums such as, but not limited to: collage, film, illustration and street art. She aspires to use her artwork as a means of breaking down stigmas and barriers within popular culture towards metaphysical concepts and has a passion for female empowerment, mental health advocacy and understanding the collective unconscious.