It’s Pisces Season, and the perfect time to dive deep into the waters of your intuitive side. ELFIE KALFAKIS ILLUSTRATION

Cosmic Relief: Understanding Your Intuition

The margin between what happens in our physical being and in our mind is something we’ve only begun to understand as a species. 

As a person who studies and writes about metaphysical ideas, I can tell you that attempts to understand these ethereal concepts can come with a lot of challenges. Yet, they are also something we are hardwired to understand. They are the ‘gut feelings’ you have about situations, the ‘vibes’ you get when meeting someone for the first time, or the ‘sudden inspiration’ to do something at a specific moment. These are the points in your day where your inner self, your intuition, is trying to get your attention. 

Your intuition can be a great pool of information to draw from, especially if you develop a deep understanding of its language. 

You don’t need to be ‘gifted’ to access your intuition. Sure, some people are born into circumstances where they are more easily able to build a strong understanding of their intuition, but it’s a skill we all have access to and something we can all develop further. Start with listening to your gut instincts, and eventually, you’ll recognize the difference between intuitive instinct and fear. 

Most fields of mysticism and astrology work in this intuitive world, but these industries are often met with stigma and misunderstanding. Psychics and mystics are commonly observed as a form of ‘entertainment’ or thought to simply be doing ‘parlour tricks’. We see images of shadowy tarot readers in the dimly lit corners of pubs, often met with kitschy ornamentation or paired with arcade games. 

Because of these associations, so many esoteric or mystical practitioners have chosen to work privately. Only in the last decade has there been a resurgence of occult or ‘witchy’ trends and products influencing our mainstream media. 

After the unprecedented events of 2020, many have turned to alternative spiritual philosophies to help find meaning and guide personal development. Luckily, March 2021 brings us the perfect atmosphere to continue experimenting during this cosmic voyage around the sun. 

This month’s energy is all about indulging in those unseen and hidden feelings. They feed your soul. We’re met with Venus, Mercury and a New Moon filtering through the ethereal and dream-like Pisces.  

We’re going to want to talk about all things mystical and surrender to ‘all the feels’ this month — a great time to tap into those intuitive aspects of ourselves. 

And, as Mars moves into the sociable and impulsive Gemini, we can likely expect a lot of cosmic connections manifested in the flesh. So if you’re hesitating but have a gut feeling that your crush is into you, it’s an opportune time to build on that connection. It may help your wildest dreams come to life. No big deal right?  


Pisces Sun // Pisces Rising 

You’re finally getting a moment to breathe, Pisces. Your needs have taken a backseat for a while. It’s been a doozy of a winter for you, but you’re finally starting to feel a little more comfortable. This month, you’re ready to ask for what you want and don’t be surprised how responsive those around you are when giving it to you. Don’t forget to give yourself some tender loving care, Pisces. You deserve it. 

Aries Sun // Aries Rising

There are a lot of new things going on around you, Aries. You’re feeling the pressure to perform this month, but are having a hard time getting into the limelight to launch your ideas forward. Take this month to navigate your new landscapes. It’s an important time for you to listen. You’ll be up to bat soon.

Taurus Sun // Taurus Rising

You have likely been feeling a little annoyed lately, Taurus, and a little lethargic. You’re a creature of habit and stability, and this month everything is up in the clouds. That being said, you are no stranger to indulgence, so take some time this month to let yourself get lost in your fantasies. Draw yourself a bubble bath and fade into another dimension. If you’re not feeling like doing anything, you may as well be enjoying yourself. Right?

Gemini Sun // Gemini Rising

Are you ready to go or what, Gemini? You’ve had all these ideas percolating in your mind for a while, and you’ve finally found the right fuel to rocket them into fruition. And, even though things seem to be moving faster than you’re comfortable with, remember: as much as you can be impulsive at times, you are also very capable of reviewing and refining your decisions thoroughly and efficiently. Confidence is the only thing holding you back now. 

Cancer Sun // Cancer Rising

You are feeling super emotional this month, Cancer. You probably want to give everyone around you a hug, but can’t (because we’re in a global pandemic). You’re missing your old friends and feeling nostalgic. This month is a good time to find an old yearbook, scrapbook, or Facebook memory and call up a friend to reminisce. And don’t forget your bonbons and ice cream sundae too. There’s nothing better than a good chat about warm memories paired with a little self-indulgence. 

Leo Sun // Leo Rising

You’re a little nervous this month, Leo. It feels like there is a lot of energy swirling and things happening around you. It’s not like you to shy away from the limelight, but this month, you’re feeling more generous with your energy. The struggle you’ll have is trying to temper your enthusiasm enough to give others room to shine as well. Just remember to stay inside that impenetrable bubble of optimism you have at your disposal and you’ll be golden. 

Virgo Sun // Virgo Rising

Well, Virgo, you’ve been saying it all along, and you’re finally being proven right this time. It’s likely you’ve been stepping on people’s toes as of late, but this month, you will likely be seeing the benefit of your no-bullshit communication policy. This is going to be a great month to reconnect with your feelings and the feelings of those around you. Just remember Virgo, a little sympathetic finesse in your delivery can help get your point across. 

Libra Sun // Libra Rising

You’ve been playing peacemaker a lot this past year, Libra, and this month, you finally get to relax a bit. Things are coming with a little bit more ease for you, and you have a fuzzy feeling that you want to share with the world. You’ve been spending a lot of time working with others, so this month, take some time to create and share some of your ideas. It’s the perfect time to exchange creative thoughts and enjoy the company of others, which — let’s be honest — is what you live for, right?

Scorpio Sun // Scorpio Rising

You’re feeling really comfortable in your social bubble, Scorpio. The pandemic has asked us all to adjust to new circumstances, and you feel like you’ve finally found a decent groove, even if it’s been exhausting. This month, you’ll likely want to share more space with people. You’ll find yourself reaching out to arrange virtual hangouts, and it’s very unlike you to initiate these things. Ride that wave for a while Scorpio, you’ve been cooped up in a solitary routine for a while, and it’s time to reach out to your people again — they’ve missed you. 

Sagittarius Sun // Sagittarius Rising

You’re moving forward, Sagittarius, but you’re not entirely sure where. Your instincts have been leading you towards some new ideas and territories, and lately, they’re starting to bear some fruit. As much as you would like to race forward into these new horizons, this month asks you to pause and take some time to focus and realign, before jumping too far ahead of yourself. Slow progress isn’t really your jam, but this month it’s all about easing into your wildest dreams. So stay excited, and try to enjoy the slower pace. 

Capricorn Sun // Capricorn Rising

Well, that was fast Capricorn! You’re feeling a little overwhelmed with how much progress is happening in so many facets of your life, and so quickly. You have a pretty slow and steady approach, so you feel a bit like a fish out of water, but if anyone can figure this out, it’s you. Get your good boots on, put on that pump-up track and do what you do best Capricorn — get it done. 

Aquarius Sun // Aquarius Rising

Well, you have had quite the month, Aquarius. You’ve been in the spotlight lately, and though you have really enjoyed it, you’re happy to be moving back in the wings for the next little while. Although your spotlight has moved, you still have some obligations which you’re actually pretty excited about. Take this month as a bit of a reprieve, and enjoy some of the daily pleasures you’ve been too busy to indulge in as of late. 


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