Cosmic Relief: Sexy Summer Incoming

Summer has arrived, friends! The summer solstice is on the horizon, the sun is out and the planets are creating some indulgent and flirtatious energy. Mars and Venus are our planets of passion and desire, and, in June, they will be hosted in their home signs. Each planet rules a different sign of the zodiac; when those planets move into their host sign, that energy embellishes the cosmic vibes of that month. Depending on what your astrological birth chart looks like, these energies can activate different parts of your life. But it’s safe to say our desires and passions will be ignited, so don’t be surprised if some exciting possibilities cook up somewhere for you this month. 

Our second Mercury retrograde ends June 2. Although some of that fiery energy of May will bring us into June, we’ll likely find some more level ground near the end of the month. 

To help you navigate the transition into the summer, I’ve put together another cosmic playlist and some guidance based on your sun and rising sign.


Social energy is activating your month and you’re here for it. You’ve really missed gathering with good friends and are remembering how important it is to you. Go enjoy it!


You’re at the peak of your energy and performance levels. You are getting a lot done, making some new meaningful connections and feeling the good vibes.


You are wanting to expand your horizons with a new experience or perhaps even a road trip. Your drive will help you reach some yearly goals and will leave you wanting more near the end of the month. 


Focus on your trusted partnerships and you’ll likely find some new motivation. Expect some spicy and intimate energy creeping in near the end of the month and moving into July. 


Finding order in your routine will be in focus this month, as will your inner circle.  You will value and crave those connections but you may be very busy or distracted. 


Last month was a doozy for you, and you’re craving some indulgence along with trying to find a routine again. Some cleaning around the house might help you transition into the summer. 


Your intuition will be on fire, so listen to those gut feelings. You may have a couple of playful misunderstandings at the beginning of the month, but they’ll end up working in your favour.


You’ve been trying to take better care of yourself, and this month will help kickstart your much-needed self care routine. The fun and romance you’re craving is coming, don’t worry. 


You may feel a little chaotic lately, and this month is all about getting grounded. Take time to carve out time at home and some mental space to put you in the right summer headspace. 


You’re feeling pretty calm, slow and surprisingly energised. You’ll be indulging with those closest to you and feeling hopeful about the months ahead. 


It feels like you’re ready to burst at the seams and to unplug at the beginning of this month. Take some time to indulge in a slower pace; there is likely some inspiration coming from home. 


You are feeling in your element and like you’ve found a new comfortable groove. It’s a good time for you to think about what you really want, how to get it and who you’d like to share it with.