Astrology is an understanding that celestial movement can influence earthly life. Historically, astrology has been used by ancient civilizations to inform agriculture, medicine and political decisions.  Ancient cultures, like the Babylonians and Egyptians, used astrology to predict seasons and diagnose illnesses.  Looking to cosmic patterns is a way of informing our decisions on this earthly plane as it relates to the universe beyond our blue and green orb.   

This year, we have a few major astrological movements that hint towards a collective paradigm shift. The biggest one is the shift of Pluto into Aquarius on Jan. 20 where it will be settling in until 2044. Pluto has the largest orbit in our solar system, meaning it’s the furthest object at the edge of the magnetic pull to the sun. Beyond its role in debates about its planetary status, astrologically it is the farthest planet from the Sun.  

Pluto moving from one sign into another often takes many decades. It typically will stay in a sign for approximately 15 years. Other planets return to the same sign at varying intervals. The movement of Pluto indicates a larger shift which typically relates to cultural eras and generational ideas.   

Throughout history, the transit of Pluto in Aquarius coincided with revolutionary movements and big changes in societal structures—the American Revolution, the French Revolution and the dawn of the Industrial Revolution are just a few examples. Astrologically, Pluto represents transformation and regeneration. The zodiac sign of Aquarius relates to our individual capacity to innovate, progress and work on a humanitarian level. When these two meet up, we can anticipate a period of societal transformation marked by revolutionary technology, collective innovation, and a shift of social structures and values.   

If we look at what has been happening over the last year, as Pluto is moving into its transit into Aquarius, we can begin to predict what this new astrological era might bring. It’s safe to say we can anticipate a technological revolution, likely with a focus on artificial intelligence, robotics and discussions surrounding artificial intelligence ethics.  Societal and political transformations are likely, with an emphasis on activism and reshaping political structures.  

Aquarius also holds a lot of our humanitarian and environmental instincts. We will likely see a collective effort to address global issues like climate change and social justice. The emergence of new subcultures, alternative lifestyles and greater acceptance of diverse perspectives can also be expected. The one thing that we can expect for certain is that these changes will be unfolding at quicker speeds than before.   

The reason for this is that Aquarius is known for its quick adaptability and forward-thinking qualities. Its inherent dynamism, coupled with Pluto’s transformative influence, accelerates the pace of these paradigm shifts. The collective energy of Aquarius propels these changes swiftly. We can expect a new era of rapid adaptation and evolutionary shifts on a global scale.  

To help you harness this energy for a hopeful future, here is another cosmic mixtape to enchant your new year’s intentions and some words of wisdom on what you can expect from this new age of Aquarius based on your sun and rising signs.   


Expect fresh interactions with new circles, with radical shifts in friendships drawing you towards like-minded individuals. You’ll find yourself wanting to get involved in global and humanitarian causes.  


Big transformations involving your career and its relation to innovation or unconventional fields are in store. They’ll be an emphasis on your public image and how it aligns with progressive values and societal impacts. 


You can expect a globalised approach to your learning. Embrace a transformation in belief systems, seek unconventional knowledge, and adopt progressive perspectives through travel and exploration.  


You’ll likely experience shifts in your financial collaborations and shared resources. Focus on innovative approaches to intimacy and explore unconventional forms of healing. 


Expect the dynamics of partnerships to become your focus, along with an increased interest in global relationships. You’ll likely embrace unconventional relationship structures as you navigate the changes in the next era. 


Technology in your workplace will impact your professional landscape. Expect transformations in your daily health practices with a focus on work that aligns with values that contribute to societal progress.  


Your creative pursuits will be in focus for the next era. Transformations in romantic relationships will involve embracing unconventional dynamics and radical self-expression.  


You can expect changes in your concept of home and family structures. You’ll likely shift into unconventional living arrangements as you redefine the meaning of home and family. 


This next era will have you shifting your relationships with siblings and close relations. Embrace unconventional forms of expression, especially through technology.  


Expect shifts in your financial status with the help of unconventional assets or ways of creating wealth. Your personal values will shift towards innovative investments and a desire for financial independence.   


Tap into your visionary energy and engage in stargazing to connect with the cosmos. Meditate under the night sky and visualise your intentions aligning with the vast universe.   


Your spiritual practices will be transformed in this next phase with the help of technology. Embrace unconventional approaches to self-discovery, introspection, and the exploration of hidden or unconventional realms.