As an astrologer, there is this bias I run into that astrology is a load of malarkey and not accurate. As you will read below, with Mars in Gemini for the next seven months, it is fitting that I explain why astrology is reliable.  

Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity explains that we were all connected by a plasma of quantum energy. Every physical piece of this planet is connected to the moment our galaxy was created. Each of those atoms and molecules hold memory.  

Carl Jung called that memory the collective unconscious. He believed that we collectively associate different symbols, images, colours, etc. to similar things, dependent, of course, on our various lineages. These meanings change over time, but they are part of a large pool of memories we all tap into when we sleep, imagine or create.  

So, if we have collectively placed meaning on a constellation, why wouldn’t its position relative to us on earth impact us? 

Mars entered Gemini on Aug. 20. Normally, Mars spends just a little under two months in a sign. This year, however, Mars will be moving in retrograde, which happens approximately every 26 months. What this means is it will move forward into Gemini, then move backwards through the constellation. This results in a lengthier than usual amount of time spent in a zodiac sign. April Elliot Kent describes this energy as, “…the young girl who is texting while driving, putting on her makeup and giggling with the five other girls she’s crammed into her Volkswagen Beetle.”  

When Mars is in Gemini it creates a lot of curious, erratic, social, and often humorous energy. This energy can also stir up lots of gossip, scandal and misinformation if it’s not well balanced. It also ignites our capacity to compromise, collaborate and relate to others.  

So, as we welcome in this zappy energy at the Autumn Equinox on Sept. 22, here are some words of wisdom based on your sun and rising signs and a playlist to get you in the right mood for Mars in Gemini.  

Mars in Gemini: ARIES 

You’ll be full of lots of ideas, having lots of conversations and having lots of things on the go. This is a good time to assert yourself as your means of communication are energised.  

Mars in Gemini: TAURUS 

Don’t be surprised if investment opportunities are coming out of nowhere. Expect there to be a little bit of competition, but just do what you do best: stand strong and beautiful. 

Mars in Gemini: GEMINI 

You will be feeling very motivated and possibly a bit impulsive this fall. Heated arguments might arise, but this transit can help you learn how to better advocate for yourself.  

Mars in Gemini: CANCER 

You’re in for an existential awakening, but it may come from unveiling some unconscious feelings. Make sure you are kind to yourself through this transit—we all have our flaws.  

Mars in Gemini: LEO 

You’re in the midst of some very social energy this fall. Some leadership opportunities might come your way from your community. Don’t be afraid to step up to the plate.  

Mars in Gemini: VIRGO 

A big, almost frighteningly daunting opportunity might come your way this fall. It may test your confidence, so just do what you do, and chomp it off piece by piece to succeed! 

Mars in Gemini: LIBRA 

You’ll be asked to advocate for what you believe in while also learning about how others might exist. Your ability to compromise will be heightened; don’t be afraid to harmonise. 

Mars in Gemini: SCORPIO 

This is a perfect time to start reclaiming resources you have been overextending to others. There may be some tense conversations, but better resolve them now that Mars is working to help.  

Mars in Gemini: SAGITTARIUS 

There is a lot of energy bursting into your close relationships. It’s a good time to air out any grievances, but make sure you are fighting fair and sticking up for what is important to you.  

Mars in Gemini: CAPRICORN 

Time to kick those unhealthy habits of yours and get into a better daily routine. If you’ve been unmotivated, this fall will be the best kickstart for you to get yourself together.  

Mars in Gemini: AQUARIUS 

This fall will get your creative juices going and may spark some romance. Take this as an opportunity to indulge in some playful activities! It will be worth it.  

Mars in Gemini: PISCES 

There is probably a lot going on at home or with your family this fall, and maybe a renovation or two? Your compassionate nature can use this as an opportunity to re-energise your family and home life.