The year kicked off with some pretty tumultuous cosmic energy going back to October 2022. You may be feeling pretty gutted and exhausted and, while I can’t alleviate that, I can at least bring you some perspective in knowing that it’s not just you.  

Luckily, February bears a brighter tone as we shift into an Aquarian themed month. You’ll likely find yourself wanting to be more honest with yourself and others, and there will be a lot of healthy, friendly, intellectual and communicative energy in the air.   

Venus, which rules over our desires, moves into the sign of Pisces. This means we’ll be looking for compassionate connections and likely have a heightened sensitivity this month.   

Mars retrograde, which began in October, had us looking inwards and examining how we relate to others. This retrograde ended in January, and, this month, we’re graced with a fateful moment to implement that knowledge.   

We have a new and full moon on the Aquarius—Leo axis occurring in the first half of February. The lunar cycle will highlight the relationships that need to evolve or be left behind. By the full moon in Leo on Feb. 5, we will want to pursue that which ignites us passionately.  

The end of February will revolve around a new moon in Pisces which will prepare us for the energies of March. Aquarius and Pisces play a big role in our astrology this year. Expect the themes of this month to follow us throughout 2023.   

To enchant your energy for this lunar cycle, here’s another cosmic mixtape. And, of course, you can find some guidance for the month for your sun and rising signs below. 


You are finally getting into a good groove pushing ideas forward. You’ll likely start to see some long-term plans start to come together by the end of the month.   


You’re feeling confident with the direction you’re heading this year. Expect a lot of important conversations and positive influence from your social circle this month.    


You’re approaching 2023 with a lot of tenacity and desire for self-improvement. This month is a good time to improve some of those unhealthy physical habits.  


There seems to be a lot going on, and you’re likely wanting to hibernate. Expect the next couple of months to be busy, and keep that in mind when making plans that may drain your energy.   


You are having a lot of important conversations about important investments this month. You may feel a little discomfort, but remember it’s part of a transition that you’ve been planning for a while.   


Work and partnerships seem to be asking for a lot of investment and communication this month. These come with a lot of opportunities, although they may look unconventional.   


Expect some passionate and grand gestures this month along with some interesting proposals. If you approach these with discernment, the next couple of months will have you exploring new horizons. 


You’ll be feeling energized by work and will likely be buzzing with inspiration for the next couple of months. Some rewards may be moving in your direction this month as well.    


You’ll be inspired at home and by intimate friendships this month, which will have you unusually home-loving. Focus on getting some lighthearted fun this month.   


 You’ll be focusing on finances this month and gathering some information about some investments. You will also find some new motivation to improve your routine and health.  


 You will be buzzing with information this month. Make sure to set some time aside to ground yourself, as you’ll likely have some big shifts in the next few months.   


You’ll be feeling like a hot commodity this month. Although the limelight may feel nice, you’ll likely need some time to recharge. Make sure not to overextend yourself.