Be In The Know: Jan 25 – Feb 4

Emilia Piskorski

As January comes to end, the stories definitely do not.
Here’s what’s being happening around K-W the last week…

Human torso found and identified

The torso belonging to 24-year-old Kelsey Louise Felker was found in a dumpster behind an apartment in Kitchener last Saturday. Take a deep breath though, a 37 year-old man was arrested early Thursday morning. He was charged with first degree murder and indignity to the body. More body parts have been found and details can be found here.

Polar Plunge Beats Goal for Kids Ability

Last Saturday, about 50 participants gathered in UpTown Waterloo to raise money for KidsAbility. For the second year in a row, people entered the pool (yes, outdoors!) this year raising over $6000. KidsAbility is a local organization for children with special needs and can be found on twitter @kidsability. While you’re at it, follow @kwpolar as well!

BB10: Launched
The day that BB lovers have been waiting for has arrived. Almost. Blackberry (the company dumped their RIM moniker) launched their two new models on Tuesday – the BB-Z10 and the BBq10. Canadians will be able to purchase the BB-Z10 this coming Tuesday and the BBq10 on a later date. We wish the Waterloo-based company luck!  #BlackBerry10, #TeamBlackBerry, #BB10Believe,

Hospital Care Set to be Improved

Good news for those who are accident prone or visit the ER often. The Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network is working on a strategy to ensure that no patient in critical condition is refused immediate treatment. Many people believe that the number of beds is the issue of treating patients, but it seems that it’s really the process of moving those patient that is the issue. Updates on this are expected by the end of the month.

House Explosion in Kitchener

A family of four experienced a rude awakening Sunday night when their house suddenly exploded. All four people are alive and safe. There is no reason to believe that this case is in anyway suspicious or malicious. The explosion is under investigation. In the meantime, you can donate to the family through a paypal account created by one of their neighbours here .


Stay safe out there!