Christina Proctor

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Wear Out There: Love Yourself

Love your body and its imperfections. This is a tall order for most people. When we look in the mirror, we often focus on the aspects of our appearance that we are unhappy with, while ignoring the parts that make us beautiful. This Valentine’s Day, I invite you to give yourself a little love, and work on accepting your body for what it is: unique and incomparable. ...
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Wear Out There: Dress for 2016

It’s a new year, fresh, untouched and full of opportunities. With unlimited ways to make your mark in 2016, you may be setting goals to hone your direction. While exploring your personal style may not have made the list, now is the perfect time to reflect on your current wardrobe and needs. There is no better tool to help yourself attain your goals than a polished appearance that truly reflects who you want to be....
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Wear Out There: First Impressions Count

First impressions count. Research shows it takes seconds for individuals to form an opinion about a person’s characteristics and traits, and once formed, those initial conclusions are hard to change. This year’s federal election has brought the psychology behind first impressions to the forefront as candidates travel the country looking to spark support for their idea of a better Canada. With governance on their minds, candidates are using all available tools to ensure they appear confident and credible. This includes presenting a polished and professional look....