August 18 COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 cases among children and teenagers in the Waterloo Region are steadily increasing, according to local health officials. CTV reported that more than half of the 20 cases last Tuesday came from young children and 25 per cent in those nine or younger.

With the start of the new school year in less than a month, Ontario’s doctors have noted that COVID-19 cases will go back up in the fall. Local health officials have also said the new cases among young children and teens highlight the importance of everyone getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

While children under the age of 12 are still not eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, more than 84.2 per cent of residents 12 and older have received one dose and 75.87 per cent are fully vaccinated. The total number of doses administered in Waterloo Region is now at 800,161.

Children returning to school will be required to wear face masks. However, there are no provincial plans yet on how to handle cases of COVID-19 inside the classrooms.

An outbreak at the Nazarene Christian Congregation church in Kitchener is now linked to 25 cases of COVID-19.

The outbreak was declared on August 8. Health officials are calling for anyone who attended the church service on August 1 to seek isolation and testing immediately, as they are now considered a high-risk contact.

As of Aug. 18, Waterloo health officials have confirmed 18,658 total cases of COVID-19, including approximately 287 deaths. Approximately 137 cases are considered active in the Region.