The last few months have brought us a lot of electric energy that has put the gas pedal down on our inner thoughts. As we enter into April, we are presented with a time when our minds are finally slowing down. Mercury is entering the unhurried energy of Taurus, ruled by Venus, on Apr. 3. Our minds may have been running on overdrive, but our bodies and desires are finally going to catch up. We can expect a lot of Venusian influence in our thoughts and hearts this month. This means we will be called to look at our desires, sensuality, creativity and connections. The full moon in Libra, also ruled by Venus, on Apr 6, will illuminate the parts of ourselves that desire connection and will likely aim to find harmony.  

After your self-care ritual on the full moon, you will be more than ready when Venus moves into the flirty sign of Gemini. Every year when Venus is in Gemini, typically in late spring, we can’t resist many of the things we desire. While Gemini is activating Venus with its convivial energy, we will begin our eclipse season in 2023. During eclipse season we are often given inner revelations that relate to our greater cosmic path or purpose. Each year, these eclipses have a ‘flavor.’ This year, the eclipses will be shedding light on our identities and partnerships and how they relate to our values and resources.  

Our first eclipse season is also met with the first Mercury retrograde of the year—which tends to focus our communicative energy inwards, tending to mess up real-world communication systems. In short, for the month of April: expect big conversations, lots of feelings, and, likely, lots of company.  

To get you in a connective and Venusian mood, here is a mixtape to enchant your ears for the upcoming eclipse and Mercury retrograde season. You can find some guidance as to where to focus your attention in order to gain insight into what the cosmos wants to tell you. 


Expect some big insights into who you are this month. Identity is the theme for you this year. Pay attention to your physical body and how that relates to your sense of self.  


Your perception is very acute this month. Pay attention to the nuances around you in your daily life and what keeps you both grounded and aware.  


Some insights in relation to your social life and community will be revealed. Keep things light and fun and also pay attention to the needs of those around you.   


You’ll either be feeling like you’re in the spotlight or under interrogation this month. Expect to gain insight into places in which you have power and where you can be most vulnerable.  


This month will bring you a fresh outlook towards life. You’ll be learning and understanding a lot. Lean into your sense of adventure; it might reveal new horizons that will unfold throughout the remainder of this year.    


This month will have you focusing on your values and how you share them with those around you. Pay attention to your intuition as you’ll be absorbing a lot of energy around you.  


Pay attention to how important relationships in your life make you feel and listen to your intuition regarding those who are close to you.  


It’s the perfect time for you to start changing any habits that have been dragging you down. You’ll likely gain some insight into what’s been part of your routine that’s no longer healthy.  


Expect a surge of creative energy this month. You’ll likely gain insight on how to create a more inspired life for yourself, or how you may have been inspiring others to do so.  


You’ll be cleaning the house this month and spending a lot of time alone with yourself. Expect to gain insight into what truly makes you feel nourished and cared for.  


Conversations will be the centre of your attention. You’ll be gaining insight into how others around you think and how valuable your words can be, so take time to compose your thoughts.  


Finances will be on the forefront of your radar this month. Expect insights into how you can achieve more abundance and how to create more security in your life.