Andrew Morgan

Greetings, welcome to the Community Edition website.

You know, there’s something special about sitting down to read a new issue of the Community Edition. It’s like getting a parking space at the Kitchener Market on a Saturday, or leaving Starlight early to beat the rush at Cheeses Murphy, or riding a 7 bus and passing by the iXpress. The feeling of “yeah, I’m going to read some awesome stuff about my community.” Maybe that’s just me.

If when enjoying TCE you feel the need to express that awesome feeling but are at a loss for words, try using some of these sample phrases: “hey, that’s cool,” “I’m going to check this place out for myself,” or “hmm, interesting.” Go ahead and try those aloud now.

Good. Now you’re ready for the great content created specifically for you by our team of contributors. A choir with a message gets a restart, and Dani’s face gets a straight razor refresh and the reopened Boathouse provides a home for a nascent folk music series. We look at the standard of pre and postnatal care in Canada, and take you on a walk through Cedar Hill.

As TCE urban editor, I in particular want you to look forward to a gripping variety of stories from the TCE urban team in this issue and the issues to come. We’re stepping up our game. Hmm, interesting, that’s cool.

Yeah, I thought you’d say that.