For some of us, blending in is a sentence worse than death. Thankfully, Jamila Kyari’s designs are here to provide a unique visually pleasing tote bag perfect for every day. Kyari’s tote bags are the perfect accessory for adding a splash of personality and colour to the darkness of winter. These tote bags will only be around for a limited time.  

“I’ve always believed that fashion should be a celebration of individuality and an expression of one’s personality,” Kyari said in her product press release.  

The bags are well constructed by artisans in Nigeria and use locally sourced materials. When using the bags, it is easy to carry around other bags simultaneously. For those who use mobility aids like canes, the tote bags hang comfortably on the handle when taking time to sit. The totes are strong and lightweight. They come in a variety of prints and colour palates and are easy to keep clean.  

Kyari’s totes are square shaped and made of quality 100% cotton African wax print fabrics. She also is influenced by Western fashion when creating her designs. They are versatile and perfect for carrying phones, keys, wallets, books and lipstick without being a burden to carry. 

“The tote bags are not just fashion accessories but a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Africa. I hope these bags will resonate with individuals who appreciate the beauty and diversity of the continent,” Kyari said.   

Although they are not able to hold onto bulky items due to their smaller size, they are perfect to carry small to medium items while out and about.  It’s easy to imagine walking through a bookstore with the red leaves tote slung over one shoulder. The tote bag arm straps fit comfortably on a variety of body types.  Kyari spotted the opportunity to create comfy, chic and casual print apparel that fits seamlessly in one’s closet.   

Jamila Kyari has a blog all about inspiring women to live vibrantly. Women with a colourful outlook on life discuss fashion, beauty and lifestyle. The brand, Jamila Kyari Co. Consists of her blog, retail store and business consultation. The bags are currently retailing online at