The Cord Community Edition scores your holiday

James Blake

At this time of the year the holidays are on everyone’s mind. Although household traditions vary, the themes of the holiday season such as the tree and the presents scattered beneath are widely shared.

Traditions are best created alongside a soundtrack so, here are some great holiday albums to help set the mood during these picture perfect moments.

For those who find themselves with the pleasantry of celebrating a country Christmas, at a family cabin in the woods or at the old farmhouse, Wayne Rostad’s Christmas in The Valley is the perfect music for the occasion. Inspired by the Ottawa Valley, this album features tracks both new and old. Rostad’s rustic take on the classics will leave you picturing family around the fire no matter where you are.

Looking forward to those intimate holiday moments? Sarah McLachlan’s Wintersong will help make memories that last for years. The combination of Christmas lyrics and the pure passion and emotion will make those special moments with the one you love all the better.

If a big family Christmas is what you’re headed for, there is nothing better than the soothing and powerful voice of the late, great Canadian legend, Rita MacNeil. With a number of albums to choose from, including as Now The Bells Ring, Once Upon a Christmas, Joyful Sounds and The Spirit of Christmas, none will disappoint you and the magnificent sounds will leave everyone smiling ear to ear.

If Rita can’t take the frown off of your grumpy old uncle’s face, nothing can.

There are infinite amounts of moments that can be paired with picture perfect holiday music so never be afraid to pop that CD or cassette in and add that movie-esque aspect to your life long memories.