TCE Poetry: A Map Of The Night Sky When/You Told Me That You Loved Me

the moon audacious and full / lake reflection lavish / we of the kings that named the stars / love forbidden on our own tongues / fingers tracing new lines / searching for the other / in the widening inch of space / who are we scared of? / we of a land that knows / death to the core / constellations of gravestones / soil bursting, hungry / pines reaching for the stars once more / we are minaret stone / singing into the heavens / god is great, god is great / who are we scared of? / you draw circles on my chest / we are Enlil / dancing fate into heaven and earth / dirt exalting union / palms pressed / shrinking space / reverse big bang / god is great / heavens echo / god is great / moon lavish and full / our union a map of night sky / jasmine / nectar / down your lips you whisper / we we we are Enlil / the space between heaven and earth / dirt and constellation / god is great so who are we scared of? / from a land audacious / in love / our stories end with lover dead / my father used to say / here, a war every ten years / yet we dance, fingers linked and sweaty / loud / thunderous / Enlil / jasmine / nectar / down our lips / the moon still full / the reflection on the lake still / lavish / and in this story the hero may still die / and yet / god is great / god is great  

so who are we scared of?