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Pure & Local

Carla Beharry is a classical homeopath practicing in Kitchener- Waterloo. Find her at carlabeharryhomeopathy.com

Are you curious about creating and maintaining your most vibrant and radiating self this holiday season? Each winter, it is my goal to strengthen my immune system — and to do so in the most natural and chemical-free way possible.

Here are some of my favorite tips to boost vitality through the winter months:

A daily botanical immune strengthener: I love astragalus. Known as a restorative tonic, astragalus root is a sweet, warming herb. A natural antiviral, astragalus is known to increase energy and stimulate the immune system. I take one teaspoon, three times daily, through the winter months for prevention of colds and flus.

A botanical immune-boosting warrior: Should a heavy-hitting cold make attempts to battle through my body, I turn to Goldenseal — a natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and immune-system enhancer. Goldenseal is a potent herb and can only be taken for one to three weeks. At first sign of infection, take one teaspoon, three times daily. This should not be given to infants or ingested during pregnancy.

A soul-warming, immune-boosting tea: A spicy ginger tea with fresh lemon, raw honey and Goji berries. Ginger warms the body, is essential for detoxifying bacteria and viruses, and is soothing for the throat & respiratory system. Fresh lemon is filled with the ever-famous vitamin C, helps to alkaline our body, and can decrease mucous production. Raw honey actually has medicinal qualities, and notably acts as a perfect, delicious, antibacterial. Goji berries are a powerful anti-oxidant super-food. Enliven your cells and strengthen your body’s defenses with this magical berry.

To make: add grated fresh ginger root to two cups of spring water, bring to a boil and remove from heat. Squeeze juice of one full lemon into tea, then add one tablespoon of raw honey and a large organic orange rind. Allow to infuse for ten minutes then strain and add one tablespoon of Goji berries. Enjoy! For extra support, add fresh garlic and cayenne pepper to boiling water. They are an anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial super team!

Nourishing vitamins and minerals: While I am a big fan of using the nutrients of whole, organic foods in abundance. Unfortunately, we live in a country that is slightly short on sunshine in the winter months. To ensure that I am filling my body with all of the building blocks that it needs for optimal function, I incorporate doses of probiotics and vitamin D into my daily routine. For extra immune support, I turn to vitamin C and zinc.

It is my belief that we all have the potential and ability to heal ourselves. The ideal system of medicine, for me, must be effective without the addition of extra chemicals or toxins. Homeopathic medicines work with your body, rather than against your body – they promote healing, rather than suppressing healing. Homeopathic medicine, botanical medicine and nutrition not only help to alleviate symptoms, but also to enhance the constitutional strength of the body.