TCE RADIO, Episode Seven: Lego Saved Her Life/Vinyl Shopping in KW

We’re back again with episode seven of your favourite KW podcast: TCE Radio. This month, your host Beth Bowles met up with Grace Stemp-Morlock, a lego artist living in Kitchener. Grace’s experiences with mental health allowed her to find lego as an art form and therapy tool. Then we switch gears to talk about shopping for vinyl in KW with our guests Care Lucas and Matt Smith. What’s your favourite local record store? Tweet @TheCommunityEd to be a part of the conversation!


Beth is the former Editor in Chief of the Community Edition. She held this position from October 2017 - November 2019. When she's not writing, she's usually knocking back too many coffees at Princess Café, searching for new craft beer in the Region or forcing one of her foster cats to love her. Follow her on Twitter @angryelbows.