One down…

After tons of interviews, trips, designing, writing and late night working, we’re so glad the Cord Community Edition is out in the world! This has been an idea a long time coming. It’s great after having put a lot of work in to finally be able to see it in print and start hearing your reactions. We’re also hoping to get a lot of your feedback – what worked? What didn’t? What do we need to be covering?

We also wanted to make sure that we gave note to our partners,The Kitchener Citizen. The great team at the Citizen – Helen Hall and Carrie Debrone – have been putting out independent journalism for a long time. We plan on cooperating on articles and featuring each others stories, which is a wonderful opportunity for K-W to have access to even more great journalism.

Now we start looking forward again to the next issue of the CCE – we can’t wait to write some more!