ALBUM: A is for Effort by Theoretically Nameless Band


If you’re a fan of punk/ska and of course a dash of Reggae, then I’m sure you’re familiar with artists like Sublime/Long Beach Dub Allstars, No Doubt, and who could forget The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. There’s also a piece of this scene right here on our own turf. KW based Theoretically Nameless Band. The group consists of six members, who combine to create an individual sound from others in the genre. They just released their second EP titled A Is For Effort — a six track package aimed to please the listener. 

The first track, “Space,” sets the tone for the EP. It comes at you with a force of fast paced power chords accompanied by the tight brass section standing true to the punk/ska sound.

The next two songs, “Misplaced Expectations” and “Pastry Lovin” present the true, but also unique sound the band holds. Both tunes begin slow, duplicating the vibe of true roots Reggae. As any punk or ska track, they then build into high energy riffs paired with strong vocals. 

The last track, “Why Can’t You” ends the EP with the same tone the band set with the first track. This is my favorite track; it’s filled with experimentation of different sounds like reverb used in early Dub Reggae by producers or sound engineers such as King Tubby and Scientist. It further shows the heavy influence from pioneers of the punk/ska genre such as Bad Brains and Fugazi. 

You can stream, download or even purchase a CD copy of A Is For Effort at The band is also playing Hope Fest at Maxwell’s in Waterloo on Sept. 22. Other artists taking the stage will be Single Mothers, Three Crowns and Exalt, to name a few. 

Come check out some local talent, it should be a great show.  

– Cameron Hoddle, Local DJ