new tune review: ground of being’s persona

Ground of Being’s debut EP Persona (2021) is ethereal death metal stripped of human form. Musical collaborators Thomas Vokes and Alfred Vienneau denote the eroding, alchemic forestry of transmutation and self-deceit. They reveal the cyclical conformation of our unexamined permanence while exploring the concepts of self, soul and ego. Through their introductory tryptic, Ground of Being demonstrates their ability to balance technical aptness without limiting emotional spontaneity.

Persona slips from its mask of post-death dissonance to breathe a quel of lamenting, synth-laden shoegaze. Dense, hypnotic refrains disregard the constraints of melodic rule, inciting a discordant reprisal. Conflicting notes abandon hope of resolve. A polyrhythmic deluge of colossal proportions reigns supreme over the subservient jangle of invented chords. As ancient melodies slip from the whirlwind of chaotic ritual, a merciful interlude of lush and benevolent synths calms the air. A melodic theme returns to challenge our vulnerability with a defiant, cross-rhythmic spell.

Persona always moves forward, curtailing its obscure and mystifying energy with captivating, post-rock intervals and ambient noise. Violent drum-breaks sound with unrelenting speed and fervor whilst lashing guitars chime as brightly as they burn. Droning synths and manipulated samples echo into the otherworldly frontier of a desolate intermission. A somnolent ode serves to lull a formless element from spinning completely out of control.

These compositions effectively scrutinize genre and form while exhibiting a profound respect for execution and craft. Ground of Being’s Persona serves to delineate a codex of metaphoric abstractions wherein the artist’s rationale unfolds from conception to culmination, ad infinitum.

Associated Acts: Paul Masvidal

Genres: Death Metal, Post-Metal, Post-Rock, Shoegaze, Instrumental, Ambient