Nick Stanley

Ice Cream Dreaming

Four All Ice Cream is a new ice cream shop tucked into the back of Globe Studios (the old Bonnie Stuart shoe factory for those who remember an older Kitchener). They offer a variety of ice cream flavors in a changing menu, made onsite in their factory using locally sourced ingredients.

The shop is small and their ice cream counter takes up the space, so unfortunately there is no room to sit and enjoy your ice cream indoors. This day was gorgeous, though, so the cute little outdoor space sufficed.

I sampled a couple of flavors before deciding on the Thundering Espresso in a waffle cone. While I enjoyed the espresso flavor, I found it a little too sweet after a short time. The waffle cone (made by Four All) on the other hand was amazing and I could eat the cone on its own, and possibly three times a day if my wrist were twisted.

The name Four All comes from founder Ajoa Mintah’s family’s preferences. Of the four of them, they each go after different ice cream types: classic flavours like vanilla, nostalgic flavours like bubblegum, dairy free varieties, and the more adventurous types like Four All’s whisky caramel pecan.

Four All gets their ingredients from local sources such as Eby Manor milk, Dixon’s Distillery, and Barrie’s Asparagus.

There were several other people at the shop when we went and it is great to see support for local businesses so committed to the area. Four All Ice Cream is joining a growing group of shops that are committed to local sourcing and are helping to grow the food culture in KW. If you can’t make it out to 141 Whitney Place, you can pick up Four All Ice Cream at Legacy Greens in downtown Kitchener.

3.5 waffle cones out of 5.