Hi! We’re your Social Media Coordinators

Hello everyone!

As the new Social Media Coordinators, we thought we would take the time to introduce ourselves.

I’m a fourth year student at Wilfrid Laurier, studying Communications and Business in the Honours Arts faculty.  As I’ve had a few years to wander about the local KW community, get lost and find some hidden favourite places of my own, I’ve come to know this place as home and love it. I’m an avid equestrian, beginner SCUBA diver, and have a passion for branding and visual communications. I’m excited to be a part of the Cord Community Edition; I look forward to connecting with readers and sharing stories about our local community and events. I can also be found on Twitter  – @carley_mc.

Hey there! My name is Emilia and I’m a second year Communications and Global Studies student at Laurier. I grew up just fifty minutes east of K-W, in the not so small city of Mississauga. One thing I miss the most about home is my fan club which consists of my best friends — my mom and my older sister.  I ended up in Waterloo by fluke. Growing up, I dreamed of becoming that journalist with a voice recorder and satchel around her shoulder, but life took me in another direction and I’ve never been happier. I’ve always been a writer of some sort. I began my  very first journal the Halloween of ‘98 after I stayed home with the flu and have been writing all sorts of pieces and stories ever since. I applied for this position because sharing my writing with people makes my knees weak — I love it more than anything.  I’m a strong believer that if you love something enough, no matter what you’re doing with your life, you’ll find a way.  So, here I am taking social media in stride and writing about makes Kitchener-Waterloo the incredible community that it is. Follow me on twitter as well! –   @emlocket