Exploring Waterloo: Oh, Honey! (Bake Shop)


I think I found my new get-away study space or coffee night spot.

When I walked inside Honey Bake Shop on Tuesday night it felt like one of my Pinterest boards came to life. The independently owned shop sells sweets, teas, and even sandwiches. I was feeling adventurous so I had a ‘Maple Bacon’ cupcake. Vanilla icing, maple syrup, and bacon bits – you can’t get THAT at Starbucks.

The cafe and bakery is decorated with models of cakes made from clay, but if I hadn’t touched one, I would have thought it was real. When ordering your food you also can get a peek at what looks like their work station in the back. So yes – you can order really awesome looking cakes from them too.

At the front of the store, there were adorable packaged cookies. My favourite was a cookie decorated like an envelope and a heart with “P.S. I love you” written on it. It doesn’t get much cuter than that.

Bring your cash instead of debit or credit to avoid having the store be charged for the transaction. You might see me with my books or my journal there without my headphones. They play really good music there – I kept thinking “I definitely heard this on 8tracks before.”

So take a walk to Uptown and go support the local business. I promise you won’t be disappointed. You’ll walk out with a lighter heart knowing somebody in K-W is doing something they love.

They’re open… Tuesday-Saturday 9am -7pm
Sunday 11am -5pm.
Closed on Mondays

Here’s a link to their website

And follow them on twitter as well: @HoneyBakeShop