Photo of vocalist Clarissa Diokno and an accompanying guitar player performing underneath a "Create Waterloo" tarp in the Waterloo Public Square on Wednesday May 22nd 2024. This show was part of the Campfire Concert Series hosted by Create Waterloo every third Wednesday of the month between May and September.


Create Waterloo is hosting public campfires in Waterloo Public Square the third Wednesday of every month between May and September. Campfires are held between 6:30 and 9:30 pm.   

Scott McGovern, festival and events specialist in the arts and cultural industry section of the City of Waterloo, said the series is a casual, family-friendly way to enjoy the evening before sunset.   

“People will come by after work or bring their friends out. We set up a bunch of Muskoka chairs around a propane campfire and it’s like recreating a bit of a country atmosphere in the middle of a city,” he said. 

Along with the fire itself, the event features food vendors and other activities. The event also features local artists such as Sammy Duke and Gerima Harvey.   

Clarissa Diokno performed at an Uptown Campfire last summer and this year’s May campfire. 

Diokno started performing at talent shows and high school, but started a band when she attended the University of Waterloo. She sings primarily pop and R&B, performing covers and writing her own music.   

“I love this series so much and it’s my third year of performing for it. And I just love how it’s a great way to get the local community together in one place,” Diokno said.   

“It’s a nice place to get together to listen to some live music and meet your neighbors. I really, really enjoy performing and like talking with people after the show too,” she said.   

“Sometimes it’s very much in the [style] of sitting around the campfire singing folk songs, but I’d love to expand that a bit to sort of surprise audiences with maybe different types of music that they may not be familiar with, but with confidence that if they give it a chance they might be converted into fans, as well,” McGovern said.  

Create Waterloo is a team from the City of Waterloo that plans and helps execute events throughout the year. They have their own programming but also work with affiliates such as the Uptown Jazz Festival and the Buskers’ Festival.   

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