Cosmic Relief: GRACE, OptimisM, WarmTH: LEO VIBES

To understand the flavour of the month, we can observe the transits of the sun and inner planets of our solar system. A transit describes the zodiac sign in which a planet travels through at any given time. Planets are organized by the asteroid belt separating the inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars), which have smaller orbits, from the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto), which have longer orbits and longer transits through each zodiac sign. For centuries, planets have been related to specific parts of our lives and personalities. As a planet transits through different signs of the zodiac, it behaves differently.

This month the sun, the biggest energy body in the solar system, will be transiting in the vibrant, optimistic and warm energy of Leo. The general flare for August will be quite fun, loud and boisterous. This month Mercury, which speaks to our minds and communication, will be transiting through three signs, Leo, Virgo and Libra. These quick changes can cause some mental static, so anticipate loud communications that turn analytical and creative. Venus, the planet of desire, will be moving from the practical energy of Virgo into the artistic and charismatic energy of Libra. Mars, our aggression and motivation, will be transiting through the practical, thoughtful and intellectual energy of Virgo.
Piecing all of these parts together, we can understand the month’s essence. To help you navigate the playful, passionate and gracious energy this month, here is your monthly horoscope and another cosmic playlist to put a spell on August.


This month will bring you a lot of fun and attention, but you may be a little overwhelmed by who you think you should be. Focus on radiating that goodness and you’ll be golden. 


You’re feeling more at ease, Virgo, and more excited and social than usual. Stepping out of your comfort zone this month may be easier and likely will result in some new connections. 


You’ve been living quietly and a few gatherings on the horizon makes you both excited and nervous. Find a new cocktail or fun outfit to make the transition smoother. 


It feels like you’re coming out of a shell, Scorpio. You’re not entirely feeling the big social energy, but planning an evening cocktail party with some close friends might be just what you need. 


You’ve got a new bounce to your step but you’re feeling a little claustrophobic. You’re ready to enjoy all that summer has to offer, but this year’s smaller focus might spark some impatience.


Things may be falling into place right now according to your plan, Capricorn, but your pessimism makes you skeptical. Don’t forget to enjoy what you can while it lasts.   


You have a lot of interests and big plans this month but everyone and their dog are busy. Try and focus on enjoying the moment for now and let the innovative planning percolate for a while. 


You want to go out and spend time with people but you don’t understand why it feels so good to stay home and chill. Muster up the energy if you can to go out. It’ll do you some good. 


You’re definitely marching to your own beat, Aries, and you’ll want to do the opposite of the crowd. Get in some precious moments alone through a walk, run or something active to help you balance. 


You have been waiting to showcase that new outfit or sunglasses you bought and now is the perfect time. Find a party to attend where you can bust out your flare while also keeping it low key. 


You’re feeling the active social energy, Gemini, and this is where you shine. You’re looking forward to the liveliness, but things may seem different, expect some surprises this month. 


You’ve been ‘on’ for a while now, Cancer, and you’re feeling a bit worn out. This month is all about replenishing those relationships that nurture YOU. Put others’ needs aside and give yourself some love. 


Elfie Kalfakis, who also goes by her artist moniker, White Owl Mystic, is an artist, author, teacher and mystic. Her work is inspired by social issues and a keen interest in the metaphysical, esoteric and chance. She aspires to break down barriers within popular culture towards esoteric concepts and she’s passionate about female empowerment, mental health advocacy and understanding the collective unconscious.