The June edition of TCE's Cosmic Relief Illustrated Astrology Chart. This month's version features gregarious rose goblets, a crab photographing a dazzling chariot and the hole within the moon.


As June arrives, it brings summer in the northern hemisphere and an official change of season with the summer solstice on June 21st. In the world of astrology, this date also marks the beginning of Cancer season.  

Cancer is often represented by a crab. While it has many mythic associations, the crab has its roots in the ancient Greek legend of Hercules—during his battle with the Hydra, the goddess Hera sent a crab to distract the hero. Despite the crab’s bravery, Hercules defeated it and, to honour its sacrifice, Hera placed the crab among the stars, immortalizing its courage as the constellation Cancer.  

With its hard-shelled exterior and sharp claws, the crab protects its soft centre. Crabs also move sideways and can be found at the meeting point of water and land.  Water signs, like Cancer, connect us to the emotional, intuitive and subconscious parts of ourselves.   

The crab embodies the qualities of Cancer—Cancerian energy charts the course between emotional waters into terrestrial realms. They are the zodiac sign most comfortable to initiate new relationships or ways of relating to our inner realms.   

Like the crab’s ability to retreat into its shell, Cancer does lean into self-protection and introspection when feeling vulnerable. And much like the crab, should you cross a Cancer or worse, threaten their loved ones, you can expect the claws to come out.   

In June, Mercury, Venus and the Sun move into Cancer. The summer will begin with an emotional and nurturing tone. Our intuitive, sensitive and empathetic natures will rise to the surface. We will seek comfort and security in our interactions.  

Our conversations will steer towards meaningful and heartfelt territories. Cancer’s influence on Mercury will have us expressing ourselves with empathy and sincerity with the hope of fostering deeper emotional understanding.  

With Venus in Cancer, we will move towards things that nurture and protect ourselves and our loved ones. Home and family will take centre stage. Collectively, we will want to create a safe and nurturing foundation for the summer season.  

The Moon, ruler of Cancer, will likely be influencing mood swings. It is important this season to feel your feelings without letting them overwhelm you. Embrace your vulnerability while practicing self-care.  

The key to this season is compassion—both with ourselves and each other. To help guide you into these emotional tides, I offer some insight below based on your sun and rising sign. As always, here is another cosmic mixtape illuminated by Cancerian artists to put you in touch with your inner world.   


Time to treat your home as your sanctuary. Spend this season nurturing an environment where everyone feels emotionally connected and cared for. 


Now is the perfect time to connect with others on a deeper level. Do not be shy to share your feelings, but also listen with understanding.  


Your financial instincts are strong now. Invest in things that bring comfort and security and be mindful of emotional spending habits. 


It is your time to shine. Use this season to nurture your self-image and prioritize self-care.  Now is a great time to let your emotions and intuition guide and influence the world around you.  


You will be craving solitude because of emotional and spiritual insights you will gain. Trust in your intuition and connect with your higher self through meditation, journaling or creative pursuits. 


You will find it easy to connect with like-minded individuals who share your emotional depth and sensitivity. Focus on nurturing friendships that bring comfort and support into your life.  


This is a great season to use your intuition to navigate professional matters. You will find it easy to connect with others on a deeper level, which will help you fulfil some career goals. 


Expect some intuitive insight about your spiritual and philosophical beliefs. Let your emotional connection to the world around you broaden your perspective.  


Expect some big feelings to surface for you, and do not shy away from diving into your subconscious desires. This is a great time to embrace change and let go of emotional baggage. 


Your relationships will come into focus—time to deepen your close emotional connections. Practice empathy and understanding and prioritize open communication and compromise. 


Time to establish some healthy routines that support your mental and physical health. Pay attention to your emotional needs and find balance in your daily life. 


This season is all about playtime. Your creative energy is flowing, and romance is in the air. Get creative, indulge in romance and let your big heart lead you into passionate waters.