cosmic relief: a month of intensity and mystery

With autumn in full swing and winter on the horizon, Scorpio season brings us an intensity that pushes us into the darker months. After the lighthearted energy of the summer, Scorpio is a cut-the-bull season that asks us to face our inner demons and plunge into the subconscious waters fearlessly. 

The sun enters this deep and mysterious sign Oct. 22 through to Nov. 23. This year, we have even more planets transiting through this fervent sign. With Mars, Mercury and a new moon this month, we can expect lots of focus on transformative, taboo, sexual and subliminal aspects of ourselves imagine a month long Addams Family festival. As Venus transits through the sign of Capricorn,  we are going to be desiring the best of the best and will likely be competitive about it. 

So, intense feelings, tumultuous conversations, penetrating energy and lots and lots of mystery this month.

To help you navigate these Scorpio waters, here are your horoscopes for the month along with another cosmic playlist to put a spell on November for you.


Whatever has been holding you back is no longer an issue. There is a window of time this month to get the most out of your sharp tongue and dedication toward your goals. Use them both wisely.


Get your ducks in a row this month because there is a catapult of energy coming your way. By the end of this month you should be fully recharged and ready to act on some long-awaited plans.


You’re a hot commodity this month and will find yourself offering advice to those around you. Take some time to scope out your options because the right moment to launch your next project is coming up soon. 


You are watching a lot of action from the sidelines this month. You’ll likely have a lot to say about it, and perhaps this month is the right time to subtly express that inner critic to the world. 


There is a lot of emotional movement in your life right now. As much as you don’t like confrontation, it may be unavoidable. Just know it’s likely not about you and more about how you can help those around you. 


You may feel caught in the crosshairs at the beginning of the month, but emotions will cool as the full moon arrives. Although you may not like to hear this, patience is key for you this month, so take it easy. 


You’re digging the change of season and getting comfortable in the lavishness of fall. You’ll likely want nothing to do with anyone, so take this month to indulge in some long overdue self care. 


Expect the unavoidable this month. Those conversations you’ve been distracting yourself from are likely going to surface. So pull up your socks and do what you do best—talk it out.


Your instincts have been buzzing lately. This month your intuition is likely going to steer you into some emotional waters. You’ll be needed for some love and support this month, so spread the love like you do best, with grace. 


You’re feeling a little left out these days, but rest assured it’s only because you’re not part of the drama. Shine along the sidelines and avoid getting involved this month. You’ll be happier you stayed out of it. 


This month will feel like you’re watching a soap opera and you’ll have lots to say about what’s going on. Just be mindful that emotions are high, so a little tact in your observations will be helpful.


This month will make  you feel like you want to lay on a chaise and ignore your obligations. You’ll likely feel pulled to play peacemaker, but it’s probably best to focus on indulging in some self care and the finer things you love. 


Elfie Kalfakis is an artist inspired by mythology, play, the occult and consciousness. Her work is multidisciplinary, intuitive and uses mediums such as, but not limited to: collage, film, illustration and street art. She aspires to use her artwork as a means of breaking down stigmas and barriers within popular culture towards metaphysical concepts and has a passion for female empowerment, mental health advocacy and understanding the collective unconscious.